How I Quit Smoking and The Electronic Cigarette


In 2007 I was a pack a day smoker.  I located the e-cigarette and thought it would be a perfect way to quit smoking.  For me, that was not the case.  I did like utilizing my electronic cigarette, but I was nevertheless smoking tobacco cigarettes.  On the days when I utilised my e-cigarette religiously, I did smoke less, but could not give it up fully.  It was a start, but I still wanted to quit smoking entirely.

I attempted the nicotine gum.  It was extremely pricey and did not help me at all.  I am not a gum chewer to start with, which may have had one thing to do with my it.  I attempted the patch.  Same outcome.  At that point I was less confident that I would ever quit smoking and resided to the reality that I would just continue to supplement my smoking with my electronic cigarette.  After all, half a pack of cigarettes per day is much better than a complete pack….proper?

For the duration of my earlier years and right up until recently I mistakenly believed that other tobacco goods such as snus have been as harmful as smoking.  All of the propaganda by the pharmaceutical firms trying to sell me “quit smoking aids” had me convinced me that using smokeless tobacco was just as poor as cigarettes.  Of course over the final couple of years the e-cigarette industry has been the target of the same propaganda.  This woke me up to the possibility that the phrase “smokeless tobacco is not a secure option to tobacco cigarettes” could be misleading.

I am beneath no false perceptions…..making use of snus is not safe….but is safer.  I say this simply because of the investigation I started to do on snus.  What I discovered was that makers of snus where needed to put warnings on their solution that integrated “this item can result in mouth cancer”.  But my study revealed that there are no studies showing that snus can trigger mouth cancer.  And there are some enormous research to refer to.  In truth 1 used 279,897 individuals over a 14 year period with a follow up 12 years later (in 2004).  This study, as talked about in an earlier blog post about FDA regulation, showed that snus did not enhance the risk of obtaining mouth cancer.

This gave me a new perspective about tobacco in general.  And along with other research concerning just nicotine it gave me the motivation to give snus a try.  That did it!  I quit smoking cigarettes by switching to snus.  I nevertheless use my electronic cigarette with my snus.  I like blowing out clouds of vapor.  I like blowing vapor rings.  I like the action of smoking.  So I went from smoking a lot to smoking some whilst using my e-cigarette to smoking none.  I really feel excellent each physically and mentally for quitting smoking.

I cannot say exactly why I totally quit smoking making use of snus and not the e-cigarette.  It may have not been enough nicotine.  It might have been anything else in the tobacco I was missing.  But what ever the explanation, I now snus and vape instead of smoking.

I create this weblog post simply because contrary to the pharmaceutical companies, the FDA, and the different public overall health organizations that are funded by pharmaceutical profits, quitting smoking is more critical than who profits from it. Here are a couple of words of advice: do not inhale something that burns, never give up on quitting smoking, and rethink what you believe you know about smoking, tobacco, and nicotine.