Hotel Video on Demand (VOD) Technologies


As the name suggests, it really is the technology that permits the guests in hotel rooms to watch videos on demand which may contain motion pictures, music or more assortment of videos such as documentaries, travel videos and so on. In this post we shall take a look at the VOD technology that runs on Internet Protocols or IP in quick. This is the newest, efficient and handy technology as of today.

How to build Hotel VOD system?

A basic Hotel VOD technique operating on IP protocol comprises of five principal technologies elements –

Streamer or streaming server
Decoder or Set best box
Subscriber &amp Content management system/OSS
Encryption &amp DRM

Let’s take a look at functions of every single of these elements –

Encoder- The encoder basically convert the source content material into acceptable codec such as MPEG2 or H.264 and packages it in proper streamable format like MPEG2 TS to make it work successfully as a “On demand” content. The most common video codec employed today in IP based VOD systems are – MPEG2, H.264 and WMV.

Streamer or streaming server – It retailers and streams the content to the decoder box which located at user end, in this case a guest area. The vital part of streaming server function is the quantity of variety content it can stream at any offered point of time and the number of concurrent streams it can deal with concurrently. There are particular limitations imposed by hardware, difficult disk access speed, network port speed and inherent limitations built in a streaming application. 1 far more crucial element is the capability to mimic the trickplay which is very same as quick forward, rewind and pause function of a DVD player.

Decoder or Set Leading box– This is a small receiver unit extremely related to a satellite receiver box in it really is physical look. The Set top box input is a RJ45 LAN port, which makes it possible for it to communicate with the IP/LAN network within the Hotel. The crucial characteristics of this box is to present the list of content material to the user/guest along with the associated information of the content material. User can navigate and watch the content employing the STB interface with the help of a remote manage. E.g. a film is displayed with it’s synopsis, duration, film cast, a preview selection and the cost to watch it. It makes it possible for users to consume content at convenience and comfort.

Subscriber &amp Content material management method/OSS– This piece of application makes it possible for you to enter user information, STB particulars, handle content and keeps track of the content watched on demand by various guests. Most Hotels has a Home Management Method(PMS) that takes care of billing of all hotel’s facilities. Most well-liked PMS systems comes with API that can be employed to integrate the VOD technique records with primary billing.

Encryption &amp DRM– encryption is a should for content material to shield the IP rights as well as creating sure that a user can’t access the content material with out paying for it. The Digital Rights Management(DRM) allows the VOD operator or Hotel to handle the rights on the content material. A excellent instance of DRM is if a guest pays for a movie, the operator may possibly choose to apply rights to watch for 24 hours from the time of obtain. Or in some sort of content the operator gives to view it for all the time throughout remain.

Industrial models

Numerous VOD systems accessible are built to offer you pay per view model. The guest can browse by means of the list of motion pictures and choose the film he likes to watch. The method then asks to enter a confirmation code that seems on Tv screen. this actions guarantees that the user did not start off the movie accidentally and charged for it in his/her bill.  

Existing Challenges &amp Future of Hotel VOD

The VOD opens limitless possibilities to supply assortment of content to guests. The demand will grow as hotels strive to make difference in their service and pamper their gusts as very best as they can.

The main limitations faced by Hotel VOD technologies is it is higher price and restricted variety of content. Most typical content offered on VOD are blockbuster films. There are wide possibilities that are nonetheless untapped in this space.

NexusWerkz, a Singapore based Hotel VOD resolution provider is offering the company model that aims to address each of these challenges.

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