HOR without rules: 10 tips to help you become the best in a month

HOR without rules: 10 tips to help you become the best in a month

HOR without rules: 10 tips to help you become the best in a month

Lose 10 kilograms in two weeks, cleanse the body of toxins in three days and improve the complexion in just a few hours – inspirational slogans, unfortunately, most often turn out to be marketing ploys. On the other hand, there is something that you can do for your health, well-being and appearance in just a month.

No, we will not promise you anything extreme. Our body is an unusual, but also an unusually complex machine that can not transform itself in such a short time. Although by starting to do the ten things that are mentioned in this material, you will definitely see the changes.

Move more

Seriously, this is the simplest and most effective thing you can do for your health. Because in the end, even 5 minutes of exercise is better than nothing. Physical activity changes our body faster than others, plus, according to some studies, even reduces the risk of death. “In two to four weeks, your nervous system will be much more efficient at coping with tasks,” adds Robert Newton of Edith Cowan University in an interview with Australian Nine News.

Scientists again and again find out that it is not so important what exactly you are doing – regular exercise in any case will make your heart, muscles and brain better. Recent studies at McMaster University have shown that a set of three 20-second bursts of intense exercise can improve a person’s physical shape by 20% in just three months. Sounds good, right?

Give up salt and processed food

When it comes to your plate, think about giving up salt and processed foods. The first is important because if there is too much salt in your blood, the kidneys are having difficulty washing out the impurities, which automatically raises blood pressure. Instead of salted foods in the diet, it is useful to include bananas and avocados – rich in potassium they will become a natural “antidote” from the effects of sodium on the body. With regard to processed foods, they not only contain a lot of salt (which, as we understand, is not very good), but also potentially can be associated with an increasing risk of cancer.

Set up a sleep-wake schedule

Lack of sleep can make people more prone to accidents, lower the chances of resistance to infections and exert additional stress on the heart. In addition, poor-quality sleep is increasingly associated with oncology , and this is also important to bear in mind. WHO warns that the disorder in the sleep-wake schedule, and especially the night shift work, is “more likely to be a carcinogenic” factor.

Add to this the fact that only a week with a lack of sleep (four hours a day for six consecutive nights), the blood sugar level will increase so that the specialist will be able to diagnose your pre-diabetes status . “This is because tired cells in the body become less susceptible to insulin,” explains Matthew Walker, a sleep expert and author of Why We Sleep.

Drink more water

Meaning: more than you drink now . Given that water is 60% of the body weight of an adult, it is not surprising that optimal hydration is associated with health benefits. Getting enough fluid, for example, ensures that your body can effectively get rid of the toxins that somehow fill your body, and it is easier to pump blood, which will affect not only your health, but also your appearance.

In addition, water will be useful if your goal is to get rid of a few extra pounds. A study conducted in 2016 involving 18,000 Americans showed that those who drank more water quickly satiated and consumed fewer calories, sugar, fat and salt during the day than dehydrated participants. And another study conducted a year earlier found that people who drank a glass of water 30 minutes before a meal, lost more than 3 kilograms in three months, doing nothing special for this.

Use sunscreen

The best way to care for the skin in summer is with high SPF. Many dermatologists suggest starting the day with a large-scale moisturizing, which includes not only the usual cream and serum, but also Sanskrit, able to protect you, first, from melanoma, and secondly, from premature aging. Recall that SPF 30 will be enough for most people, but if you are going to be in the sun for a long time, do not forget to update the tool every two hours (and every time after bathing).

If, in hot weather, your skin becomes unusually dry, experts recommend placing a bet on moisturizing cream with lactic acid in the composition. In addition, be careful with products such as napkins and make-up remover, which includes alcohol – they can further dry the skin.

Try Meditation

There is still not much scientific research on meditation. However, those that are available say that if you want to reduce anxiety, take control of blood pressure and significantly reduce the impact of stress on the body, this is exactly what you need. Doctors, although skeptical about meditation, still admit that it really has potential in terms of lowering blood pressure, reducing symptoms of irritable bowel, fighting anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Can you sleep during the day? Sleep

To be frank, the results of drowsiness studies in the middle of the day are quite contradictory . But most experts agree that those who do not need daytime sleep are simply unable to fall asleep during the day. So if you are one of those who put their head to the pillow – and then sweetly zaspyat, even if it happens at two o’clock, the strategy is likely to work.

Scientists recall that drowsiness at 14:00 – the natural and normal state of the body, which is one of two “lows” in our circadian rhythms . At this time, people tend to feel more sluggish and less focused on something (the second “minimum”, by the way, is at 3:00). Some studies show that daytime sleep for 20-25 minutes can be effective in activities requiring constant attention. For example, in the work of air traffic controllers who participated in the experiment.

Give vent to emotions

Be emotionally honest with yourself. And remember, no matter how you feel, everything is all right in any case. A study conducted in 2017 involving more than 1,000 people found that those who were more susceptible to their negative emotions and thoughts were less likely to suffer from anxious and depressive symptoms a few months later. Scientists explain that this probably is because accepting one’s emotions helps us to let go of them, while constant attempts to stifle emotions give the opposite effect.

Visualize your dreams

It turns out that already introducing yourself better than you are, you help yourself to work more effectively and be happier . This is indicated, for example, by a study carried out back in 1998, during which it was possible to see that among the 300 high school students, those who imagined excellent results of complex work eventually turned out to be more persistent in achieving the goal and showed the best result. In another study, which was attended by 60 students who for a month each day imagined their own better future, it was noted that the improvement in their mood was noted immediately and lasted for several hours after.

Work on relationships

The proof that communication and relationships are really important to our well-being is an 80-year study in which 250 men took part, each at the beginning of the study was a Harvard second-year student, as well as their children and grandchildren who joined the experiment later. The results showed that close and supportive relationships in the family were more important for health than wealth, intelligence or even genetics.

“Good relationships not only protect our bodies, they protect our brains,” said research director Robert Waldinger in his lecture for TED. “But even the best of relationships can not be good all the time .” Some of our eighty-year-old couples can swear daily with each other. But as long as they feel that they can count on each other in any situation, they are doing well. “

About the same says a new German study published in May 2018 – people who spent a year doing extra efforts to spend more time with friends and family, markedly increased their own satisfaction rating with life. Just think about it. And then go and embrace the one who is really dear to you.

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