Honey blond, ultraviolet and metallic: how to update the coloration by the spring

Honey blond, ultraviolet and metallic: how to update the coloration by the spring

Honey blond, ultraviolet and metallic: how to update the coloration by the spring

Spring is the perfect time to update your hair. But if you are not ready to remove the length, then determining the appropriate option may not be so easy. On how to refresh the coloring by the spring – softly or, on the contrary, radically, but necessarily taking into account the trends in the field of color – we were told by the coach of Paul Mitchell Anastasia Ermolova.

“The easiest way to update the hair color and refresh the image as a whole is to add light strands, creating a glare effect. It is important that the transitions between the shades are smooth, so do not attempt to perform this coloring yourself. Nobody will do it better than a professional: the master will pick up the right tone and competently perform the color stretching.

Now there are many techniques to achieve the ideal result. This is balayazh, and baby-lights. But the ombre, especially in its classical version, is no longer as relevant as before.

In the fashion finally returned a warm honey blond – all blonde girls, I recommend taking this note. Warm blonde shades are good, first, by the fact that they go to almost everyone, and secondly, to care for them is much easier than for cold platinum. To achieve a beautiful glossy overflow on the hair will help tonic procedures, for example, polish for blondes.

Still do not give up the position of bright staining. The most popular color this year is already recognized as ultraviolet. But, of course, this is not the only option – turquoise and pink shades look exactly the same. If you do not take boldness, then paint all the hair in bright color (this will look better on a short haircut). If the dress code does not allow such liberties, add a few locks to the face or in the depth of the hair – not necessarily neon, pastel too in favor.

Those who prefer dark shades, it is worth paying attention to the deep brown-copper. This color can often be achieved with the help of professional bezammiachnye dyes – so the hair will not only acquire a beautiful shade, but also additional care and, of course, a luxurious glossy luster.

Finally, another trendy idea is “steel” staining. Please note, the color should not be dimly light-brown, but metallic. To get one, you’ll most likely have to lighten your hair, after which you already have to shade them with a bezammia dye of the right tone. ”

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