Hkust Response Yushu Li


Without having warning, but no time to think, the earth would shake with his sharp, original destroyed in an immediate planet peace, far more ruthless, killing numerous people’s lives! Virtually no time to worry, ruthless Disaster It offers us the most actual life tests and Education ?? In the face of organic disasters, life is so fragile at the exact same time but overwhelmingly strong.

four 14, that Yushu County, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province earthquake of magnitude 7.1 occurred, Gesang Hua start the emergency plan, and quickly sent to the scene to find out what happened and the demand, and start raising funds for the earthquake rescue project. In an additional development, which includes Gesang Hua, founder of Ms. Hong-Bo, such as six foreign Gesang Hua volunteers in Qinghai Province, volunteers will nowadays and tomorrow starting rush Yushu. The initial batch of volunteers will arrive this evening Yushu.

Volunteers in Xining Gesang Hua Hou Yu Secretariat designated by the inquiry for supplies and procurement. It is understood that the very first batch included a buying list of materials Mineral water , Biscuits, eggs, instant noodles, massive tents, tarpaulin, medicines, masks, winter clothes, flashlight, emergency lights, much more than 10 varieties. The procurement of materials as early as tomorrow morning sent to Yushu.

As of press time, Gesang Hua “Yushu emergency funds for the earthquake,” raising project for much more than 10 million, of which interface, which raised the yuan from Alipay 56,325.00 (capital: Ng Wan Lu Bai Er Shi Wu Qian triplet) dollars. This quantity is continuously growing. Import Gesang Hua bank account funds have not yet statistics. According Gesang Hua Xu to introduce the Secretary-General, lengthy-term commitment to space massive space and other unique locations Fire Probe Automatically Fire gun Integration of fire and security monitoring technologies, and numerous other study and development, manufacturing and construction of Hefei Science and Technology Institute of China Li-An Safety Technology Co., Ltd. has contributed 50 thousand yuan, remitted Gesang Hua bank account. This is the largest number of enterprises is also the first to respond.

As of April 15, 2010 morning, the provincial capital in the shortest attainable time, significant media has been connected disaster, a disaster location so specific concern reports, contact for a lot more people to join the fundraising group, the individuals of disaster regions to contribute to love. One particular of Anhui Tv Taiwan Television channel “Xin night sky”, Xin’an Evening News, Anhui Television Public Channel “Night Line six is” and so on-line media have interviewed Gesang Hua connected personnel, which focuses on broadcast Gesang Hua largest contributions from the Hefei Science and Technologies Institute of China Li security, enhancing the overall Hefei Science and Technologies Institute of China Li-An popularity and reputation. At the exact same time, a distant forum, Hefei group on the web shopping, Hefei Forum, the National Improvement Forum, and other major web sites have reproduced Gesang Hua pass is issued, I believe more Chinese compatriots will continue after HKUST Li-An helping hand, as disaster regions individuals satisfied to aid.