Himfr.com Reports The Mirror-Polished Hardware Tactics

tags Now metal workpiece surface remedy, with the traits of the workpiece and the function of alter, it is in the kind of a lot more and a lot more, but the surface polish as a normal remedy, specifically for some much more complex shape of the surface of the workpiece ought to be important a procedure.
In my numerous years of operate knowledge, unique summarized the contents of the following for your reference and discussion, if there are greater approaches and expertise and hope that colleagues point out, the greater for our buyers.
1, initial of all is to comprehend the part of the workpiece, if you do not realize the function of the workpiece, you can not communicate with clients. Because there is a greater surface remedy than this way, you do not know, you talk about it? For instance, a easy hardware piece, that is, the part of the seven great-seeking, then you have to work challenging to appear great on the surface appearance, but if you are not asking for a great look, but there is strength, corrosion protection needs of less processing is entirely distinct.
2, we should know the workpiece forming techniques. The workpiece is generally stamping, casting out, of course, this says very general, stamping components, primarily to polishing deburring, smooth surface on the line, casting the needs of the common anti-corrosion surface of the surface of the huge points.
three, the election method. This is crucial.
Is usually the 1st to eliminate oil from the surface of the workpiece, the workpiece is normally a small ultrasonic cleaning, bigger demands and leaching of acid pickling. Ultrasonic cleaning with a rapidly, efficient, acid phosphate with the processing qualities of the least expensive, but the pollution is severe, we must all contribute to environmental protection as an electric bar,
Secondly, polishing, and this report is primarily speak about the. Other processes such as oxidation, fuel injection, spray paint and spray can not say.
Polishing the surface of the effects accomplished demands, high-finish of the mirror impact is hard to throw, typically with no experience, no teacher was undoubtedly thrown out.
4, to throw a great, you have to very first have a very good polishing machines, and gear, which is the fundamental situations, equipment vibration must be as tiny as attainable, a number of companies in order to reduce expenses are unlikely to pay focus to this.
5, re-election belt, this is very particular about, for different components have a lot of approaches. But to throw the election mirror the import of foreign goods is much better, not to say that the domestic good, can not be done, abrasive belt abrasive particle size on the poor abroad, so there is no uniform, or thrown out by a trace. The master is not worse then the line.
6, polishing is a skilled operate can not be sloppy. Polishing utilizing abrasive mesh number of little to big,
The last round of waxing polishing cloth making use of light, this is a very sensible point. Re-examination.
When thrown from prime to bottom, left to proper, step by step.
7, until the thrown can see according to your personal time, OK! Basic surface of Ra, from testing will not be less than 10 microns.