Himfr.com Reports Lanxi Hardware Tool Sector Sales Booming

tags March 14, the author learned from the Lanxi Shijingmaoju this year, Lanxi City, has steadfastly implemented “Gongyejiangfu” approach, pushing the industrial economy on the scale, the level of industrial economy has maintained a stabilized recovery trend. In the very first two months, the city’s regulation of industrial output worth of five.63 billion yuan, an increase of 36.3%, an enhance of the column forefront of Jinhua city and county.
 Author March 14 at Yunshan the street from the Sony Hardware Tools Co., Ltd understands that orders this year, the firm continued, the production is extremely busy. It turned out that some time ago in Germany, held a key international exhibition, the company football back to a large order, essentially a whole row of the production schedule is complete. In addition, the company’s products also successfully entered the Wal-Mart supermarket.
 And the “Sony hardware,” just like the “Zhejiang Wansheng up”, “Longma Clothing,” “self-Copper” and other enterprises, the production units have complete capacity to step up production, showing a very good momentum of both production and sales.
 According to analysis, the economy has shown this year, industrial enterprises began early, began full, order more features to the city’s regulations on the fifteenth day of enterprises operating rate reached 80% more than the very same period final year has enhanced drastically. At the very same time, also reflected the strong momentum of development of industrial production quality of financial overall performance continued to enhance, big increase in industrial output and so on.
 In addition, the regulations on the rapid boost in the number of industrial enterprises, key enterprises continue to strengthen the supporting role. “For example, East China Aluminum Corporation, in the initial two months of ingot production exceeded 24,000 tons, while last year only 6400 tons.” Chief of the economy, Lanxi Shijingmaoju weeks Zengwei, apart from the energy sector, the textile, pharmaceutical, metallurgical , chemicals, machinery, cement and other six sorts of output than that a substantial improve more than the same period final year. As of the end of February, Lanxi City Preparing Board on a quantity of industrial enterprises reached 553, 77 much more than final year.
 This year, Lanxi City, the project to market the perform of an early commence, the action fantastic, all regions have to take powerful measures to expedite the project schedule. According to statistics, the first two months of this year, the city of Tsochen (street), zone industrial output than that a comparatively large improve over the exact same period final year, which improved 265 % female port street, the street Yunshan elevated 193%, on the streets of growth in China 90%.
 According to the industrial economy to accomplish a “very good start”, is the regulation on the a single hand, enterprises have maintained a powerful momentum in the production, pulling obvious impact. On the other hand, in recent years, Lanxi City accelerated the “Gongyejiangfu” implementation of the technique, and continuously introducing the “large, tall, great” projects, optimize the industrial structure, boost economic growth and has played a constructive part in advertising, the new company boost industrial production industrial output development has been for the industrial economy has injected new vitality.