High-density PCIe Telephony Cards from Telesoft Technologies

flickr With well over two decades of knowledge in the networking and media fields, Telesoft Technologies is the leading provider of extremely professional options for a wide range of networks like 2G, 3G, IP and wireless networks. Lately, Telesoft Technologies has proudly announced the launch of its new PCIe telephony card item. The PCIe telephony card from Telesoft Technologies supports up to two,000 voice connections and is already regarded by some of the largest customers to be the most powerful tiny kind element PCI telephony card at the moment accessible.

The new product is a versatile hardware remedy that, when utilized in conjunction with its ready to use TDPAI protocol software, becomes the perfect selection for a wide number of OEM and VAS applications that are obtainable both in present and in subsequent generation communications networks. 1 of the major positive aspects derived from utilizing the new PCIe telephony card that is now getting provided by Telesoft Technologies incorporate the three distinct interfaces for E1/T1, Gigabit Ethernet and STM-1/OC-3 on the exact same board, which final results in a drastic boost in density in relation to any of the other merchandise offered on the marketplace. A fantastic advantage of the PCIe telephony card is that it can be custom tailored and customized to meet any set of specifications, no matter how strict.

The PCIe telephony card from Telesoft Technologies can support a wide variety of applications like IVR, Voicemail, get in touch with logging, signaling gateways, media logging, media servers, SMS, USSD and numerous, many a lot more. A notable reality about the new PCIe telephony card is that, due to it is tiny half-height half-length size, it can easily be installed on any machine. Also, as opposed to the application solutions incorporated by the competing goods, the PCIe telephony card from Telesoft Technologies supports both signalling and media applications on the identical card making sure a decrease expense resolution than competitor merchandise. The most essential characteristics of the new PCIe telephony card include, amongst other people:

– Optical STM-1/OC-three, Gigabit Ethernet and E1/T1 interfaces on the same board

– Competitive pricing and high standard technical assistance

– up to 2,000 voice channels leading to a density that is 8x higher than competing goods

– Potent TDAPI computer software framework that permits for quick application integration

– Combines media and signaling on one board, whilst all competing products call for the use of two boards.

Contemplating its highly competitive pricing and assistance for a wide array of applications, the PCIe telephony card from Telesoft Technologies is already deemed the most powerful small type element PCIe telephony card solution obtainable on the international market right now. Firms that are either searching to begin new business projects or are basically refreshing their hardware for OEM or VAS applications can take complete advantage of the new PCIe telephony card but also from the company’s quite a few other services which includes quick response technical assistance, inexpensive rates and, of course, the SIGTRAN improvement licenses, which are all intended to help consumers decrease the time necessary to industry their applications hence eventually escalating their income streams.

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