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tags In Hollywood “Minority Report”, there is a matter of imagination of Lens: Tom Cruise a fantastic touch at the wall, prior to pointing fingers unrestrained manner, to total a lot of intelligence of operation. In the public selection of “the most predictable of 10 science fiction film”, the “Minority Report” Constantly Essential. In fact, just a couple of years time, the film demonstrated the future of touch Technologies Has now entered our lives, in mobile phones, computer systems and other fields has been broadly used.

From the initial via the mouse and keyboard, men and women adapt to the machine, and now the machine to adapt to folks, can say that the generation multi touch technologies as we open a door top to revolutionary human-laptop interaction. Now makes use of multi-touch technology items has fascinated several men and women, and its innovative possible and future prospects of more energy provides limitless imagination.

“Maybe in the future, you just want a ‘ok’ gesture to activate the pc on the ‘Enter’ function and a look, as if your personal computer will be in a position to grasp its which means pal in general!” Hewlett-Packard Vice President, Info Merchandise Group chief technology officer, HP Phil McKenney (PhilMcKinney) said.

Touch Technology Innovation curtain opened the Big Three

Apple’s iPhone and other new a single, usually lead to consumer crazy line up. Reasons, in addition to its exceptional industrial style, the unique multi-touch technology encounter to bring arbitrary manipulation also contributed. This technologies enables customers to two or three fingers touch to comprehensive a far more sophisticated collaboration attributes, such as two fingers to full the picture rotation, zoom and other functions to give users a distinctive and magical application experiences.

Microsoft SurfaceComputer referred to as multi-touch technologies, science fiction model. It looks like a basic coffee table, but the desktop but is a multi-touch LCD screen, to allow users to use tree branches as the graffiti on the beach as you can with your fingers to write on, paint. What is surprising is that it can also reflect on the 52 contacts to. This indicates that it can even play with up to dozens of collaborative games.

As the world’s largest Pc Vendors, HP touch technologies is impressive. And other IT vendors, HP touch technologies into a number of broad places, generating the prowess of the new experience. Hewlett-Packard not only in the multi-touch technologies Preferences Desktops And modules in notebook and brought it applies to multi-objective touch system, such as cafes, fast meals chains, airports and other commercial application environments, so that technology can bring higher worth and far better user encounter.

Should say that the marketplace had more contact budding technologies, cell phones, Computer software And the Computer giant’s lead beneath 3 major locations, a multi-touch technology of war has opened the curtain. At the moment, handheld devices, multi-touch technologies patents, Apple and Microsoft, Plam etc. are battle it, but Microsoft’s newest operating program win7, multi-touch technologies has been deployed. As for HP, it is looking at the Pc multi-touch technology, approach and applications take the forefront in the market.

28 years of touching history, HP endless innovation

“The next five years, a lot more compelling touch technology”, in a recent media communication at Hewlett-Packard, HP vice president, Phil McKenney (PhilMcKinney) puts it. In fact, Hewlett-Packard in touch with aspects of the accumulation of wealth and innovation, as properly as major the trend of efficiency benefits, he is indeed justified self-self-confidence.

In touch technologies, Hewlett-Packard known as one particular of the business veterans. As early as 1981, HP introduced the industry’s landmark first touch product HP-2700, it is made for graphic artists. Artists can use the brush or pencil as the same computer directly photosensitive pen to draw lines, creative functions.