Henna Tattoo – A Prehistoric Pattern of Decorating Females


Henna, also known as hina, a tropical flowered plant, a tall bush or tiny tree, its name originating off the Arabic word Lawsonia Inermis, normally grows in Africa, Northern Australia and Southern Asia. Its leaves yield red orange dye applied in tinting the human hair in addition to hands and feet.

Fresh leaves of the henna plant are dried and crushed to a fine powder. Mehendi, the multicultural art of henna physique decoration has grow to be an option to the everlasting standard tattoo. Henna is a challenging medium for the artist. If you would like to find out much more about applying henna, browse more than to the makers of Mehendi Info web page given that the skin is the biggest organ of the body and it is crucial that we are kind to it. Henna has been used for coloring the hair. Henna hair colors are herbal and therefore safe to use. Additionally, they keep your hair cool.

Tattoo off henna is an old Indian Physique Art named Mehendi, which employs henna plant to ink or tinting to complicated patterns, otherwise referred to as modern day day and alien patterns conventionally utilized on distinct components of our physique specifically the ladies’ hands and feet to mark any specific celebrations.

Because the early Bronze Age of the Eastern Mediterranean and ancient context of Ugaritic Legend of Anath and Baal, mehendi is applied for wedding and fertility festivities with females discovered marking themselves as preparation to meet their spouses. Among 1500 -500 BCE, statuettes and images of young women with their hands, nails and feet with markings and old designs had been found. Henna tattoo or mehendi is worn as a mark of love and happiness and Hindus, Jews, Zoroastrians and Christians feted the marriages by adorning the brides apart from he grooms with henna as a pre-marital besides other festive rituals to shower happiness and bright fortunes to the couples. Beliefs and traditions indicate henna makings on women’s bodies pull healing, love, happiness and protection.

Of late, men as well uncover henna as an alternate option to permanent tattoo as it is painless besides getting temporary due to its lasting property extending to maximum 4 weeks. Apart from the continual adjust in designs enable its easy removal.