Heavy Medium And Large Electrical Enhance Flat Tv Over A Thousand Dollars


“Usually the very same size, the joint venture brand than the basic domestic higher 2,000 yuan, but from this month onwards, the gap has narrowed to within the 1000-1500 dollars. For a higher share, not just this year the end of the industry, there are early next year occupation, became the flat end of the year manufacturers advertising and marketing technique, a significant problem, soon after all, no one particular would like to seize this year in October after


Produced unprecedented demand for sales possibilities. “Recently, the reporter from the city professional

Property Appliances

Shop massive and medium


Discovered: With the high reputation of flat-panel Tv, the residence appliance companies in the relevant marketplace for the “amount of concentration to go,” already erupted this month, even though medium and huge electrical producers have been working with each other once again recently with the public, following the end of this year, more than 10 domestic 9 outdoors the initial-line brand

Huge screen

Medium and massive flat-panel Tv costs plummeting price of 1000-3000 yuan


Degree, the re-play “Heavy year-finish more than a thousand dollars” in the all round price strength. Many information indicate that in 2005, regularly million color Tv “


“In the end of this year already is a lot to” fly “into the daily property.

‘s Marketing and advertising applications offered from big and medium have been located, of which 32 will be lowered by 1000-1500 per inch LCD, 37 inch, 40-inch LCD will once again be lowered 1000-1200 yuan, 42-inch


Will be under the original minimum eight,999 yuan 7,000 yuan, in addition, a quantity of flat panel TVs will be in large and medium “


Festival “to achieve additional decline, such as


, Sharp, Sony, Hisense,


, Ace,


Far more than 10 domestic and international line such as massive-screen flat-panel Television brand will create a decline in the medium and big, “the most recent higher ground.”

Dazhong Electric Appliance Tv manager told the reporter: 11 at the finish, along with joint venture brands of “initial time” the scale of cost cuts, many flat-panel Tv industry in Beijing almost a ripple effect across the board price tag cuts Cluster brands. In December, a trend that rapidly impact the Tianjin marketplace price program for flat-panel TVs, flat-panel Tv costs in the Heavy end, a lot of brands have been hit over the calendar year on New Year’s preferential price for extended-term market, it seems that the foreign brands 2006, ending Globe War II have been the “consensus.”

Business authorities said that with domestic and foreign producers the upgrading and capacity expansion, by the finish of flat-panel TVs drop of the situation is unavoidable. Numerous companies in order to get a value war last year’s victory, all at the expense of the interests of person models of flat-panel TVs, “rescue” the faiths, for the new year occupation of the market place possibilities for greater stability, it seems, for the developing “Wonder is promoting” flat-panel market place, the value advantage will be the main issue in consumption.

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