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Network HC Hardware: 4 quarter of 2008, Trade and Business Bureau in Chengdu, Chengdu, marketing and advertising element of the electrical heating device for monitoring the good quality of goods, monitoring of important safety-connected properties for access to reside parts protection, input power and existing, operating temperature and electrical leakage existing strength, leakage present and electric strength, stability, and mechanical hazards, power connection and external versatile wire, grounding measures 12 projects have been tested. Monitoring benefits show that the top quality heater is not optimistic.

Unqualified project’s major concerns and reasons:

1. Indicators and directions failed. 15 samples failed the project logo and description, primarily heater failure or warnings on the indicators describing incomplete. Logo incomplete, that is, the qualities of the item itself can not be unmistakably told to users, effortlessly lead to misuse of items and skilled service because they do not harm.

2. Input energy and existing failure. The spot checks, 10 samples of input power and current non-compliance. This project is fundamentally substandard goods are much less than normal power variety, power is not enough as the heater will affect the results, take longer to accomplish the objective of heating, the customer will consume much more electrical energy, the environmental protection power saving is also unfavorable. The cause is that an enterprise in order to lessen the production price of quality employed components for second lowest result.

three. Power connection and external versatile cord failed. The spot checks, 19 samples do not meet requirements. The primary difficulties is that the energy cord and normal deviation for the nominal cross sectional location of the larger and the lack of gear in between the energy cord connector. Sectional area of the energy cord is not sufficient heat will lead to big amount of function, affecting the life of the power cord, resulting in decreased wire insulation, simply lead to leakage accident. Connecting line among lack of cord will have an effect on the safety of electrical use.

four. Grounding measures failed. The spot checks in the grounding of 17 goods do not meet standards. Ground connection is to avoid the event of insulation failure, it can safeguard the product effortless to touch metal components will not leak, a strong and dependable ground connection necessary. If ground is not strong, then the failure occurs when the electrical insulation, can not leak through the ground wire leads, producing it effortless case charged, causing electric shock. The cause is the makers assembly method is not strictly enforce the rules, the standard factory test fails strictly to the project.

Sum up, the heater items mostly due to some random unqualified producers of top quality consciousness, to reduce expenses, optional accessory top quality second lowest outcome.

For sampling final results, Market and Commerce has notified the city’s shops and all sorts of household appliances appliance electrical merchandise distribution company will be disqualified immediately from shelves and stop selling to safeguard people’s use of security appliances for heating in winter

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Heater failed businesses list Quantity of individuals getting monitored nominal sample name manufacturer specifications nominal production date or batch number mark the main failure items

1 area heater Suning Appliance Co., Ltd. Sichuan Construction Junction shops &amp Electric Appliance Factory Cixi MDS / nsba-80 / logo and description, structure, energy connections, and external cord