Hc Education Afternoon: Rain Thousand Students Blocked The 4 Provinces – Afternoon Tea –

tags Information simple to study, Welcome to the Details afternoon tea time. When the clock struck three instances, the education sector to suspend all the moments for the afternoon tea each day at 3 pm, HC Education Network Meet with you.

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Assessment tea &gt Of the 4 provinces of Hunan 5300 Storm Flood impacted school students

&gt Campus safety is a huge issue all the crime is not dangerous

&gt Kingship push to expand the art industry art electronic drawing board music

&gt Monitoring of children’s toys in Shantou enterprises on Heibang four

&gt College diploma compulsory deduction star inexpensive internship students

Boiled neighborhood: Of the four provinces of Hunan 5300 Storm Flood affected college students

Abstract: 4 at 2 o’clock on the 6th of 6 to 8 hours, Xinhua County, the average rainfall reached 89 mm, maximum rainfall reached 214 mm. As the fierce rain, rainfall, comprehensive coverage, resulting in the county landslides, mudslides and landslides up to 1620 several. The county has 29 townships of 1,142 villages have been impacted, the impacted population of 38.2 million folks, now far more than 8200 tough back house, a lot more than 3,100 homeless. Detailed

Observation HC: Campus security is a massive issue all the crime is not harmful

Abstract: Campus Security Hot-line, the voice of a entire nation is not very clear “score” how, but the busy fall all exhilaration. Simply because you “self-evident”, 40 days on the campus because the outbreak of five homicides, the Government is again not taken lightly, and decree what, more than brainer. The government can do is to campus security this write-up should not be purely defensive school is to straightforward murder, correct? In other words, just the campus security must not be interpreted homicide, correct? Detailed

Wealth Hui mentioned: Kingship push to expand the art industry art electronic drawing board music

Abstract: It is reported that, in order to match the certain wants of art education industry, Hanwang Distinguished Education Consultant tribute Qing Qing, and Hanwang the improvement, production and industry organizing, and staff, had created depth and sustained analysis and development, and soon after repeated tests. To thank the field of education has often been buyer trust and support, music paintings Electronic Drawing board, particularly in April 28 at the The 59th China Teaching Equipment Exhibition Officially launched in 1024 pressure sensitive levels of functionality and specific offers exclusively for education, basic education, return cost of the user gear, students and teachers and painting enthusiasts. Detailed

Scoop: Monitoring of children’s toys in Shantou enterprises on Heibang four

Abstract: Beijing Business and Commerce not too long ago issued a child Toy Solution quality monitoring report, by the search term up to Shantou Chenghai Toy Factory series of military toys Guangdong Province, Shantou City, Toys Co., Ltd. Bang Bang Bao Bao brand auspicious elephant bell Shantou Chenghai Guangyi creativity plastic toys plant electric toys Shantou Jinxing Plastics Co. Ltd., Chi di radio-controlled toy vehicle brand failed. Detailed New novelty: College diploma compulsory deduction star low-cost internship students

Abstract: “Practice a tiny detached and expert function, do not or did not full the diploma does not give you.” Lately, the reporter received a star college graduates Baoliao, stated the school forced them stellar internship, operate and not have much knowledge they do not say, one month’s salary but also handed out a lot more than half, whilst arrangements for students who do not obey, the college will withhold diplomas, and when full the process in school-primarily based practice, only to send .