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tags As a Russian tool industry’s largest and most international exhibition for Russia’s top hardware tools development (InterTool) will be held September 30 to October three in Moscow, Russia Crocus Expo Exhibition Centre. Russia’s International Hardware Tools Hardware Tools Exhibition is deemed the industry’s most crucial communication and info platform, in 2007 the Eleventh InterTool from 21 countries attracted about 530 exhibitors and over 15,000 guests all through the show.

 Recently, Reed Business CEO Jeff in Europe? Bush created a special trip to China, the major purpose of his check out is to comprehend the needs of Chinese exhibitors, exhibitors have to answer the doubts, and will take measures to provide specific services for the Chinese exhibitors.

 Booth affordable committed to serving the increasing China division of exhibitors

 Over the past decade, the Russian domestic political stability, continued financial development, enormous investment in infrastructure, particularly housing building and house-based, and this development remains at about 20% per year, growing demand for hardware tools. Relative to mature, and the construction of Europe, Russia and the market is a huge space, and Russia, most of the hardware tools is imported for the Chinese exhibitors is a really excellent chance.

 Jeffrey? Bush said: “We visited the China International Trade Promotion Association, China tour units and Yong Kang, the manufacturing base in Ningbo, exhibitors have to submit their suggestions, which makes me to see China as lengthy as the early exhibitors from entering the Russian market place transformation into a mature exhibitors, exhibitors who are no longer blind, they anticipate to be more extensive, much more services, such as the specialist audience, common, put forward the demand for access to high quality purchasers. “

 Jeffrey? Bush with three:00 to describe the expectations of the Chinese exhibitors for the show: very first, prior to the show organizers hope to offer data on Russia’s trade regulations, customs regulations, import and export procedures second, better on-internet site solutions third , show the audience following the needs of the organizers of the statistical reports to assess the impact of the exhibition.

 In order to meet the demands of the Chinese exhibitors, Jeffrey? Bush said: 2008InterTool needs of the Chinese exhibitors make adjustments to meet the wants of the Chinese exhibitors. He mentioned: “Very first, we adjusted the exhibition hall: a a lot more remote place in which the old pavilion, pavilion zoning unreasonable, so this year the show moved to Moscow in the most modern day facilities and most sophisticated exhibition venue Crocus Exhibition Center, Crocus Exhibition Centre in Moscow, the quickest increasing regions, thus making sure the timely organization of a large number of spectators attending the occasion. Second, the Chinese exhibitors are invited to show the object of focus, the exhibition will receive high-quality services, such as a alter earlier position of the Chinese Pavilion, the Chinese Pavilion will be scheduled on the 1st Hall of the main channel, near the audience and the seminar room registry. Exhibition Hall in China reside with signs, so that far more viewers comprehend the China Pavilion. Second, totally free before the show and exhibition for exhibitors to offer the key to China’s marketing and advertising slogan, data, and posters in Russian translation. assured within 24 hours to respond to the details requirements of the Chinese exhibitors. Third, by way of numerous marketing techniques and Reed Exhibitions network, to market fair, development of possible buyers. “