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Distinguished leaders, ladies and gentlemen, distinguished entrepreneur, media buddies who, Hello, everybody! These days we are gathered together to attend the “China’s new power – Aiweiboer Cup China 2009 Hardware Top Ten Award Presentation Ceremony. “Very first of all, please let me on behalf of the event committee, stated to the guests the warmest welcome and most sincere thanks!

HC Network Electronic Wang, director of corporate and business address content material

Just previous 2009, a lot of enterprises in China is nevertheless a serious test of the year. We know that the hardware industry as dominated by manufacturing industry, since the second half of 2008 Economic Because the crisis we are facing enhanced labor expenses, RMB appreciation, cost hikes of raw components is still not enormous pressure dissipated.

In this context, the HC hardware network, a joint sector media, the trade association organized beneath the guidance of hardware Ten contest, this is the 1st time to do the Diaoyutai hardware market events, this occasion was organized, the speedy the social influence and a higher degree of concern, generally laying the metal “company Oscar” status. Good results in this event final year, based on this year we held the second session, this session will be the theme for the new force of China is to assistance discovery and search for the continuous improvement of new industrial power.

On December 1, 2009, our “09 Ten Year Hardware” Picking the official begin of the day, the first to apply to participate in the activities of enterprises, Zhejiang Ounuodake Tool The head of the root is quite excited Fan Tang told our reporter, in 2009 they Sell Volume grew 50%, which is a common begin-ups, founded in 2005, 2008, he participated in our initial session held in the Diaoyutai contest, he had only received the nomination of the prime 30 outstanding enterprises, but also Therefore, the fast rise in corporate interest, far more people know of this town in Zhejiang Jinyun pot company.

HC Ten Network hardware market, selected from the formal operation in 2008 and has been in speak to with several thousand enterprises, like several organizations simply because this activity, but much more and a lot more recognized by the market place. Not extended ago, evaluation of activities to participate in our voyage tool factory Jinhua Zheng Xiaojun, just business quickly after by the Zhejiang Satellite Television, Central Tv Taiwan’s concern started to obtain far more orders. Written declaration of his election was sincere: I was lucky to catch the “HC” This ship, I am full of hope for the future.

There are several similar stories. Right now, cutting-edge, tomorrow legend, this is the thought of our activities persist. We are the majority of customers and user choice from the Best Ten since it is a tale to be engraved this year, we chosen out of ten cutting-edge brand, top ten company Joyo also due to the fact new thinking and new operational ideas , even though the hardware sector history was recorded. Because they are, will be China’s hardware industry’s future development.

HC Network on behalf of all present award winners, said the loyal congratulations! In the previous 2009 years, you beat competitors at least 3026, in the previous 4 months, you expertise a lot more than 10 expert judges, nearly 30 media judges, 100 judges in the different audit buyers , but also much more importantly, soon after you vote much more than 40,000 users, 20 million folks on-line users as well as some of our test participants in this event. Award, to live up to the celebration.

Behalf of the HC network of 10 experts to the judges, the media far more than 30 National Hardware &amp Electrical Union colleagues to express my sincere thanks to Xinhua, Folks, Qianlong mainstream media on the hardware market, such as attention and participation. Special thanks to the activities of the guidance units – China Wujinjiaodian Chemical sector Company Association and the activities of the total title Commerce Yiweiboer companies also like to thank the joint organizers of this occasion?? China’s 5 exchanges of network and our cooperate. It is you and our support of the majority of customers, which tends to make the hardware Ten choice activities to only the seniority of two years the recognition of far-reaching.

Lastly, I want all the leaders, specialists, enterprise and media circles of pals, great overall health and smooth perform. And wished each and every good results. Thank you!

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