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Installing sliding glass shower doors is an easy project that can be undertaken at home. They are excellent to cover your shower enclosures. It is fairly cheaper to set up the glass door on your personal. The tools required to full this job are shower door kit with the complete hardware, caulk, drill bit, hammer, masking tape, measuring tape hacksaw and a center punch. Following directions will aid you to realize how to install them.Step I: The first step is to measure the width of your shower opening for the door to be installed. Mark this region on the door track. Reduce the door track with a hacksaw in the essential size.Step II: The subsequent thing you want to do is set up the track and use masking tape to keep it in its spot. Set up the door jamb in the track. One side of the door jamb will have shorter legs. This side demands to face the shower wall. You will need to have a pencil to mark the position of the track on your bathtub surround.Step III: As soon as you have marked the position of the track, eliminate the door jamb and the track. Punch holes in the marked positions with the support of a three/16 inch drill bit. After the holes are dug, clean the region and hammer the plastic anchors firmly. Plastic anchors are component of the hardware that comes with the complete glass door kit.Step IV: You will need a watertight sealant to hold the glass door in place. Use the sealant that is especially produced to be utilised in the bathroom. Apply some caulking (watertight sealant) on the area where the door is to be installed. Mount the door and the door jamb along with the bumpers and washers that are a part of the door hardware.Step V: Subsequent, the leading and bottom track require to be reduce so that the track fits completely inside the frame. Hang up the door from the prime track by obtaining the rollers in the inside rails. Align the door according to the door panel frame and screw it tight through the slots. Cover the door jambs with some caulking to full the installation approach. Fix the handle, if not already on the door. There! Your sliding glass shower door is installed.