Hardware Lock Market, Construction Began To Glory


The 20th century, 90 years, hardware sector soon after ten years of reform and opening up, displaying a quickly growing trend, organizations started to shift to private ownership-based, enterprise place began to Guangdong, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Shandong and other marketplace economies improvement of the earlier concentrated in these locations the government started to understand that the development of particular industries support the Government to increase revenue, is conducive to the market structure optimization is conducive to the employment of neighborhood residents and increase their revenue, is conducive to the sound development of the regional economy, and for that reason make great efforts to produce a base for particular industries.


In accordance with “Chinese characteristics, the regional metal industry, the title named management strategy” (revised draft) in the naming of ways to divide: the existing hardware items of China are 3, namely: Chinese locks are (Wenzhou), China valve capital (Yuhuan) , China’s capital buttons (bridge) the Chinese metal market base eight, namely: China Metal Goods Sector Base (Siu Lam), China (outlet) faucet production base, China’s stainless steel production base (new Council), China ( Wenzhou) metal lighter production base, China (Wenzhou) razor production base, China Hardware Items (Yuyao) production base, production base of China’s export tool (Jinhua), wire mesh business base of China (Anping) a China town Hardware (town) 3, namely: China zipper of the township (bridge), the hardware of the township (Yong Kang), the hardware of the town (Daxin Town).


In accordance with the production base of the improvement model, we can put 14 metal production base is divided into:


(A) has a lengthy history sort.


If Daxin Town, Zhangjiagang City, is an early commence in township and village enterprises in southern Jiangsu region of industrial satellite town began with hardware, relying on hardware fortune, a lot more than 70 years of production history, the National Association awarded the initial “Metal of the town.” Yet another instance: Anping wire mesh sector for 500 years of history, dating back to the initial year of Hongzhi, namely, AD 1488 can be described as a extended history, has a extended history. Such bases are Yongkang hardware, outlet hydrants.


(B) after the 1st commercial-type function.


Such as: Bridge Town, Yongjia County, Wenzhou City, in the 20th century, early 80s, and be pioneers who produced the bridgehead of China’s very first modest commodities industry? Bridge button marketplace, soon after years of improvement, has now been formed with buttons, zippers for the leader, numerous economic variety of industries. Similarly there are new session of stainless steel goods sector, but also engage in trade based on the improvement of stainless steel production base.


(Iii) industry improvement-oriented.


Such as razors, Wenzhou City, the 20th century, the market began in the late 80s, is from scratch, from little to large and fast-created new hardware industries. Another instance: Xiaolan Town, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, in the wave of reform and opening up, grasp the pulse of the occasions, seize the possibilities for development, vigorously create the business, such as hardware manufacturing industry also benefited from this, and is listed as Xiaolan A single of the six pillar industries, soon after years of development, formed a lock, gas appliance as a leader, on the upstream and downstream merchandise and all types of accessories comprehensive industries.


Emerged out of a group of solid edge, Hua-feng, led by lock producers in order to Vantage, evergreen, led by gas appliance manufacturing, to Stanley and higher days, led by the hinge manufacturing enterprises, in order to Julong headed nails pliers household care merchandise manufacturer and so on. Such bases are Yuhuan valve locks are all of Wenzhou, Wenzhou, metal lighters, Yuyao hardware manufacturing base.