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tags In the family Decoration , The lock is the humble but most crucial Hardware Components, but few know that seemingly impregnable locks actually have shelf life. Recently, reporters in Zhengzhou City, visit the hardware lock marketplace, many organizations told to purchase locks must choose a huge brand, excellent quality solution, and the use of 2056 should be replaced following the 1st.

Much more advanced anti-theft lock cylinder China is the world’s largest producing and consuming nations lock, lock sector in Sell Amount of more than 40 billion yuan, a lot more than two billion units capacity.

Reporter walked into the Phoenix area of new lock hardware retailer, see the look of the identical lock, due to the fact various components and workmanship, the price from ten dollars to a number of hundred dollars there.

Reporter saw the market place in the door lock cylinder is divided into A-, B, Super B class and so are several. “Customers can be ranked by the quantity of marbles to identify the quantity of cylinders is very good or poor. Normally speaking, multi-row Pin tumbler lock Pin tumbler lock is far better than single-row, multi-row invisible spring lock is better than ordinary multi-row spring lock.” Solid leading Hardware and Basic Manager of Henan Meng Fuqing told reporters, B-level lock core of the price is a lot higher than A-cylinders, so most of the marketplace launch of the solution brand locks are A-level lock. ” Safety Door If only a row of marbles key, fundamental is the A-lock cylinder. If you do not really feel secure, you can modify into a B grade or super B-level lock cylinder, to increase the overall security properties of safety doors. “Meng Fuqing stated.

Material is also critical to work

“In addition to the lock cylinder, Hardware Great or poor the good quality is also critical. “Jiangnan Hardware sales employees told reporters that locks the material usually aluminum, stainless steel and copper, in which the strength and durability of the aluminum alloy the worst, the very best of copper, but costs are greater.” Is also a copper lock, all various brands and good quality workmanship also really, quite hard to distinguish amongst ordinary shoppers. “The sales employees mentioned that the customer desires to acquire,” rest assured that lock, “the only way is much more, the huge brands of locks function extremely fine, tightly fitting, low-finish locks would appear to be rough operate. In addition, a very good lock in the open most of the time the sound is crisp, low-key lock insert will seem in the more loose, turned the sound too is largely boring.

Door each five years to “Heart”

“Regular life span of long locks, lock cylinder naturally would wear equivalent gear can very easily be opened by the essential.” Newspaper in the vicinity of old master essential with a lock that locks in general following using 2056 have to be replaced as soon as a lock cylinder.

Meng Fuqing also believes that numerous quarters of the safety doors and locks are all unified by a true estate developer to acquire, install, and most are not especially great high quality lock. “In a district with big quantities making use of the same sort of lock, in theory, there ‘a lock to open a handful of doors’ circumstance will most likely increase. Numerous quarters to reflect the new residents, typically the wrong unit , opened the door and identified the situation not to their residences. “Meng Fuqing that, if extended-term does not modify the lock cylinder, will have a far more serious security problems.