Hardware Item Marketing and advertising Strategies Of Foreign Trade Enterprises Export Achievement

tags Foreign trade is a extremely hard industry, is also a really exciting world. This morning, you are dressed in luxurious hotel lobby drinking coffee with an Arab, sweating at night is major a group of workers to load the container. Occasionally you get a full day leisure does not have a phone, and occasionally had to stay up late night discussions with the Americans argue. You could be a message to earn the final million, they could miss a word and stuffed under the “monstrous disaster.” Swiss consumers have received a warm send chocolate, there was a country profiteers design money creating painful. You will encounter all sorts of folks, national merchants, banks, customs and government agencies to deal with all types of strange incidents. A lot of things, can not uncover the answer in the textbook, encounter is the most important.
If the “R &amp D, production, processing, marketing” than to a robust sustainable competitive hardware organization, “iron triangle”, then export hardware company or the domestic industry hardware enterprise, “R &amp D,” this is a little lacking, ” production and processing, “This is a complete effective, and” marketing and advertising “is a serious missing the point.
Picture an uncommon mixture of an unstable triangle To and foreign brands, domestic hardware businesses compete, the embodiment of competitiveness must be strengthened advertising functions, totally driven R &amp D, full release of its potent production and processing capacity, thus forming a against the power method stability triangle, so marketing and advertising will be the domestic export hardware businesses turn a core driving force, much more will be exported hardware organizations must concentrate on cultivation of “internal strength” and the effective transformation of the “1 hurdle.” Advertising functions of the hardware intensive help to enhance the speed of organization reduce into the domestic industry and the success rate of expansion in the channel network effectively pulled up hardware sales and new organization brand awareness items.
Organizations when the domestic market place to make sure the accomplishment rate of transition, the most crucial point is whether the item connected with the market place demand is relatively, compared with competing merchandise have a significant distinction whether or not the style, price tag, style, which will assist the organization products Quick moving off the market and decrease operational risk. But in reality, many export enterprises are operating in the higher level of enthusiasm will be in industry segmentation, product differentiation ignored, far more blind The Wind in the simulation again trapped in a “struggle between the Red Sea,” suffered a lot of inventory, capital backlog, vicious cycle of domestic type.
(1) return the item “real worth.” Economic crisis, and shoppers devote much more and far more cautious, much more neglected virtual worth, to the actual value of the solution itself. In the end product choice, customers showed a “slashing” the phenomenon of brand worth, far more direct focus on the product features and prices. Solution cost as the decisive factor affecting consumer acquire.
At this time, the proper advertising and marketing can not be more than-the pursuit of brand worth, but need to return to a rational function of product worth. Enterprises have to be on rational functions of product development and advertising communications interests. Virtual brand before selling emotions aside to highlight the product characteristics and selling points arising from the objective function of interest. Promoting point than the anxiety at this time stressed the function of brand impact far more successful selling point.
(two) make a narrow segment of the public “category leader.” With consumer psychology and structural upgrading, overall health awareness to strengthen environmental protection and so on, there is a lot of prospective in many sectors development possibilities. From domestic sales by exporting to the strategic transformation of a breakthrough in the search for an successful reduce into the category, companies can easily segment in the industry, the “Narrow Focus” to get the rise of the opportunity to drive corporate brand enhancement, such as Langsha to market underwear Socks , casual wear and brand worth extension.
(three) make equivalent items in the “difference protagonist.” Common products in different segments with a single product to a new marketplace good results, this solution will be based on existing demand graft combination. Such as the clothes neutral jacket collar and powerful combination, as a new style clothes consumption.