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tags Common is standard, every single country and departments have their personal standards. Presently, we are generally the most commonly utilized enterprise requirements are the following:

GB? Chinese National Standard (GB) ANSI? American National Requirements Institute (ANSI)

DIN? German national standard (DIN) ASME? United States Machinery Engineers standards

JIS? Japan National Standards (JIS) BSW? British national requirements

GB? National regular is a country of several standards, in addition to sector requirements, expert requirements and departmental standards. National standard is divided: GB (mandatory requirements) and GB / T (a advised normal) and GBn (internal normal) and so on. We usually see as GB30, GB5783, etc. are mandatory requirements.

Numerous normal in addition to the above basic dimensions such as head-to-edge, the thickness of the different head outdoors, the most crucial component is the diverse threads. GB, DIN, JIS, and so on. there is a thread MM (mm) as a unit, collectively identified as the metric thread. The other as ANSI, ASME and other units of inch thread is identified as the American regular thread. In addition to metric thread outside the U.S. technique, there is a thread BSW? British standards, the thread is to inch as a unit, generally known as Wyeth thread.

Metric thread by MM (mm) as a unit, its teeth sharp angle of 60 degrees. American and British screw thread as the units are in inches. American thread tooth cusp is 60 degrees, even though the British thread 55 degree cusp teeth. Because the different units of measurement, leading to a selection of threads that a distinct strategy. Such as the M16-2X60 is expressed in metric threads. He especially indicates that the screw the nominal diameter of 16MM, tooth distance 2MM, length of 60MM, and if: 1 / 4? 20X3 / 4 that is British in the thread, he especially signifies that the screw nominal diameter 1 / 4 inch (1 inch = 25.4MM), one inch, 20 teeth, the length is 3 / 4 inches. In addition to that, then screw the U.S. program will typically be added following that inch screws UNC and UNF, the U.S. method in order to distinguish coarse or fine tooth US-made.

Domestic operations in peacetime, we most frequently encounter a standard GB (GB) and DIN (German common).

Students in non-aromatic items, the major access to the following requirements: GB30 GB5783 GB5782 GB52 GB6170 GB818 GB819 GB845 GB846 GB70 DIN912 DIN933 DIN931 and so on. At present GB30 (Old GB) in the common book has been GB5783 (the new national normal) are replaced. GB52 (Old GB) in the normal book have been GB6170 (the new national common) are replaced.

In 1986, the standard components of our country to create a new normal in the organization typically known as the new common, the most employed mostly GB5780, GB5781, GB5782, GB5783, GB5784. GB5780 hexagonal head coarse thread screw rod and a half, its accuracy rating for a C-class items that can be utilized in place of GB5782 (GB5782 hexagonal head coarse thread screw rod all, till the level of accuracy for the A-and B-class.) GB5781 hexagonal head for the whole screw, precision grade is C-class product. Can be utilized in spot of GB5783 (GB5783 hexagonal head screws the entire tooth, its accuracy rating for A-and B-class). GB5784 for the rod and a half teeth hexagonal screws.

New regular with the old target difference is: M8, M10, M12, M14, M22 series of merchandise, the width of the edge differ. In addition to M22 series of new goods, new standard products M8, M10, M12, M14 on the side of the head on the side of the topic than the old smaller sized 1MM. Have been 13,16,18,21 MM, and M22 series of new products, new object on the edge than the old normal but to a big 2MM, should pay specific consideration. The thickness of the heads, the new regular and the slight distinction between the old normal, the specifications are not extremely stringent conditions might be frequent.

New requirements and moral difference in between the subject : M10, M12, M14, M22 product specifications, in some variations in the width of the edge. M10, M12, M14 head on the edge of new standard is smaller than the German standard 1MM. The M22’s new merchandise, and its head on the side of the topic on the edge than the width of Germany and larger 2MM, others are accepted.

The hexagonal nut, frequent requirements: GB52, GB6170, GB6172 and DIN934, the major differences in between them are: GB6170 thickness than the GB52, GB6172 and DIN934 to the thick, generally known as the thickness of the nut. The other is on the edge of the difference, M8 nut series DIN934, GB6170, GB6172’s on the edge are 13MM 14MM edge than the GB52’s smaller sized 1MM, M10 nuts, DIN934 and GB52 of the proper side of the 17MM, compared GB6170 and GB6172 to the appropriate side of larger 1MM, M12 nut , DIN934, GB52 for the 19MM on the opposite side than the right side of GB6170 and GB6172 18MM bigger 1MM. For the M14 nuts, DIN934, GB52 for the 22MM on the opposite side than the correct side of GB6170 and GB6172 21MM larger 1MM. The other is the M22 nuts, DIN934, GB52’s on the side of the 32MM, compared with GB6170, GB6172’s on the smaller side 34MM 2MM. (GB6170 and GB6172 not the identical as in addition to its thickness, the exact same width on the side) does not take into account the thickness of the remaining specifications in the case, can be common .

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