Hardware Expertise Forum: How To Choose Bathroom Products


Bathroom Be Residence Master of arts, embodies a form of taste. With the development of society, has grow to be a family members bathroom Decoration A style theme, reflected by the master bath highlight status to show the personality of contemporary sophisticated living space.

Acquire sanitary products, they must purchase a standard brand. How to get sanitary items? The following is to teach you how to get sanitary items? To assist individuals choose the correct is the decoration of bathroom products.

Bathroom 1: How to decide on Toilet Select Toilet must contemplate the following variables:

Gloss: higher gloss product, the larger the density, the less difficult it clean.

Porcelain: Porcelain is excellent or bad and the toilet is directly associated to the life, the higher the sintering temperature much more uniform, porcelain far better.

Flush function: Toilet flushing great or undesirable depends straight on the pipeline style, and also to the higher water level and water tank parts have relationships. Modern day common flushing methods are straight-kind, siphon, and so forth.. Straight style huge diameter, flush greater efforts clogging. Siphon principle is utilised vacuum pulls the water out of storage, modest voice.

Water circumstances: Water situations are great or undesirable determines the typical use of the toilet, 90% of the pieces on the water dilemma. Be certain to double-verify to buy parts of water, preferably before leaving the factory in the factory had installed, to see whether the compact structure, activities connection parts are sensitive and dependable water sealing part is formed. Pieces of material to water or polymer components, copper is better. If conditions permit, then the ideal water conditions for the Ruishijibo force.

Water resistance: the spirit of saving Environmental protection The idea of 6 liters flushing is a trend, three / six liters two actions efficient.

Installation and service: no matter whether the distribution ring ( Act Gallery), triangle valve, if package is installed, regardless of whether to give following-sales service, brand water pieces of three-year warranty, five years does not seem normal use top quality ceramic items.

two: How to choose basin As the firing temperature ceramic pots

higher, uniform, speedy heat and robust anti-quenching, simple to crack, the higher cost. Can choose according to the size of toilet pedestal, platform basin, basin, or art audience basin.

Pedestal basin: basin formed by the columns and, generally to save space, suitable for modest bathroom.

Basin: Choose the platform to see the glazed pot is mainly the flatness, and depends to install water and air are the top common.

Art Basin: expression of individualism, selection is to contemplate and other items with effect.

three: How to Choose Bathroom Cabinet

Buy bathroom cabinet in addition to taking into consideration size, style and colour, the concentrate to consider the following aspects: moisture, water-proof, moth, so the material straight affects the quality of goods, the greatest material with moisture-proof treatment.

4: How to decide on shower room

Acrylic sheet: acrylic sheet primarily to see the gloss and the thickness of the back manage. In direct light, the excellent effects of very good dark acrylic sheet, light transmission uniformity, hand feel, great materials, thick texture, not easily deformed.

Pulley And hinges: pulleys and hinges directly affects the product’s normal use, excellent wheels and hinges, sliding, and switch smoothly, low noise, copper material, the brand has its personal big-scale producers in the design and style patent pulleys and hinges.

Security: and glass materials, which can be divided into ordinary glass and tempered glass, ordinary glass low cost unsafe, and now make a lot more use of tempered glass, at least use 5MM tempered glass, has robust impact resistance capability easily broken. Safety glass typically robust steel identification mark CCC.

Waterproof: It is now much more well-known wet and dry separation, contemplate the tightness of joints. Shall be in sealing to stop water seepage.

Sensible: bathroom goods anxiety with the effect, rather than basically the pursuit of style, never ever the best style, but there is the most classic style.

5: How to pick the tap

Tap water of “conductor”, the highest frequency of use, tap a variety of diverse shapes and kinds, the following is a choice of variables to think about when the tap:

Material: no matter whether to use copper plating bake, copper supplies normally heavier.

Spool: tap the “heart”, which determines the life and tap water effects, preferably Taocifaxin.

Outlet filter: basic tap water are nets cover the entire, a great leader with double-outlet filter, effluent soft and smooth, no splash, and accompanied by bubbles, water 30%.

Surface : Plating layer is no need to bake the unique safeguard and sustain long-term, good plating bake 3 layers of static surface impact, to make sure life does not fall off.

6: How to choose bath Material: acrylic, cast iron, steel. Acrylic: Acrylic material is now mainstream, acrylic bathtub is three-5MM acrylic sheet vacuum forming, the back multi-coated glass fiber, thermal insulation impact is very good, smooth surface, easy to clean to pollution, cost-effective.

Cast iron bathtub: cast iron heavy, sturdy, extended life and pricey.

Steel bathtub: strong, put on-resistant, high level, glazed and smooth cast iron bathtub comparatively low cost.

To the drain valve: No matter what type of material to the water bath is also equipped with a very good factory, it is effortless to overlook some of the most difficult issues, and be confident to purchase test gear to the drain valve on the spot, the operation of several times, verify the switch is sensitive and reliable.