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tags Wanli of the Ming Dynasty, Lu Chuan began manufacturing iron pots, has been 400 years of history. Lu Chuan Lu Chuan wok is contemplating forming group and market associations, unity and development, “Lu Chuan pan” brand.

HC Hardware Network At the southeast corner of Luchuan County of Guangxi, a humble wok mouth were gradually, and now turns into a “Chinese wok capital” name. But rely on conventional manual backward mode, the extensive quantity of cast production benefits, has grow to be the “iron pot capital” of the secret anguish.

“Handmade” and “pan Capital”
Lately came to Luchuan County’s rural appearance of a seemingly abandoned factory in long, ear-piercing sound of the machine grinding all day prodigiously, workers are busy production line next to the tension. Wok just come in crude embryo transport through repeated grinding machines scattered Mars steadily reveals an exact wok before the final factory, but also pan coated with particular components inside and outside, into the blast furnace in higher-temperature calcination.

2006 12 months, Luchuan County by the State
Daily Hardware Business Productivity Center awarded “China wok Capital” title, but the reporter, “wok capital” to see the complete production process is nonetheless primarily manual.

According to historical records, as early Wanli in the Ming Dynasty, Lu Chuan began manufacturing iron pots, has been 400 years of history. The sector from the conventional hand-workshop began in the late 60 century to the early eighties was the speedy development of peak Luchuan County has far more than 70 makers wok, wok at the output after accounted for Lu Chuan National Rail pot two-thirds of production.

Now, Lu Chuan iron pots have turn into a popular commodity on the marketplace, have civil pan, enamel pots, pans and other stainless steel edging 9 series, nearly 300 much more than 1000 varieties of specifications.

400 years without having brand-name market Into the late 90s of last century, due to tiny production scale, low-technologies products such troubles as a single, pan business debilitating Lu Chuan, only a couple of cents per ordinary pan, a handful of cents of profit, county 50 wok producers have been eliminated.

Luchuan County South fat Kitchenware Co., Ltd. Lu Chuan, chairman Luo Shinan wok industry has witnessed the improvement procedure. When the domestic industry to the kitchen

House Appliances Of transformation, rice cooker, cookers, induction cooker and other kitchen new kitchen space is progressively devouring the standard, Lu Chuan pan sector, left corner of Ann and unproductive, wasted a great opportunity missed.

Lu Chuan wok 400 years of history, has no genuine brand, which tends to make Luo Shinan confused. In distinct, he stated sadly, lack of innovation in nearby enterprises, merchandise a single, low-technologies, even much more significant is the lack of brand awareness, not good a registered trademark, and often only in the low-end goods, the hustle, the product selling price low and become major brands of OEM base.

Lu Chuan Xianjingmaoju statistics, Lu Chuan pan supporting a big quantity of direct sales of beauty, Supor, 9 Yang appliance brands such as specific pot, Lu Chuan cooker pot with a share of the specific account devoted national cooker pot over a share of Jiucheng .

“Wok capital” Breakthrough of the Road
Lengthy Weirenzuojia, Lu Chuan human heart uncomfortable. In recent years, Lu Chuan County, “Lu Chuan wok” spare no effort in developing the brand promotion, have held a well-identified industry authorities with the participation of the nation, “wok Forum”, has meticulously planned the “pan Cultural Festival.” For the name brand enterprise ” functioning “in the method sector are secretly Lu Chuan pan discover from.

“When we started to do a wonderful iron pot sold in rural regions specifically, but growing in volume now a new generation of iron pot, getting smaller and smaller, the smaller sized the far more refined, the far more refined the more the United States, a fried dishes pot can be sold for 200 yuan, merchandise are sold and exported to the United States and Europe. “Luo Shinan development of the sector is nevertheless complete of self-assurance.

New Mo Rong Lu Chuan County that Lu Chuan pan market to modify the chipping away, content with the predicament, it is technical innovation, corporate restructuring, organization innovation, branding and other elements of preparing a massive fuss must be limited to production from wok pan to the kitchen region of development, from the constraints of pig iron wok pan to involve smelting, machining,

Mold Manufacturing and other connected market, to pan this “Golden Phoenix” below the far more “golden eggs.”

It is reported that Lu Chuan Lu Chuan is thinking about the formation of iron pan group and market associations, unity and development, “Lu Chuan pan” brand.