Hall’s “coat” Is Also Scenic


Several individuals wonder, have also closed the park opened Yousha mean, every person knows, the landscape not only in museum, exhibition hall is complete of inventive art, high-tech for the exhibition put on all sorts of “coat”, the evening view of development beneath the effect of a lot more good, absolutely Road .

Membrane coat

Identified as “purple silk Island,” Pavilion of Japan, is a will “breathe” in the pavilion. Outdoors cover is a layer of lightweight power generation film, this is the 1st use of “power film” technology, so that external self-generated energy, so shiny purple silk island at night. German Pavilion of the primary wall is 12 thousand square meters of transparent film wrapped. This created the silver fabric throughout the day can decrease direct sunlight on the constructing, at evening can be employed for lighting, but also at different times and different weather circumstances changing the image.

Also love film coat China Aviation Museum. As the world’s first spherical smooth connected a double membrane structure, membrane structure, despite the fact that its appearance PVC only .7 mm thick, but adequate to withstand the adults are walking. And simply because the PVC film surface have a coating layer of titanium dioxide photocatalyst that can play very good role in environment protection and power. At the same time due to the fact of its powerful oxidation decomposition attached to the surface of dust and organic matter, soon after rain washed, the membrane itself can be smooth as new.

Pierced installed

Poland Museum of hollow indeed set installed in a traditional fashion, reminiscent of “a scissors preserve” the Polish art of paper cutting. For the duration of the day, the sun shines into the area by way of the gap, the ground is a assortment of abstract and modern design evening, light from the pavilion within the projected out explicitly or implicitly, the formation of light and shadow of the lovely melody. Polish Museum, constitute the principal material is processed through a special wooden craft. In closing, it will be recycling, for a reconstruction of the Polish city of Pavilion.

Can be installed via hollow than Polish 1. Are convex by the many letters in Korean Korean Pavilion hollow containers, many huge Korean letters embedded in the above, the darkness is especially enchanting. Developing the use of Korean alphabet, Korean National Museum of the bottom of most of the open space, that is no door to completely reflect South Korea’s openness and inclusiveness.

Steel Services

Compared to the exhibition hall and uncommon hollow containers, steel service indeed everywhere. But in steel, various exhibition also distinctive.

In contrast, Luxembourg Museum’s “iron wall” is more masculine. The outer layer employing a 4 mm weathering steel, even though the old look old, its greatest advantage is not required to defend paint, after years of exposure in off the rust to kind a steady outer layer. Constructing on this surface can be 80 years or upkeep-free of charge coating to safeguard paint.

Museum of Chinese steel jacket ship most all-natural apt. Rectangular steel structure for the complete stadium, exhibition hall the look of the arc structure, the shape of the ship’s keel, it resembles a dragon’s backbone, interpretation of the “Dragon ridge, scene of the most” of the architectural concept.

In addition, the Planet Expo, the number of “eco” whilst also popular. Strolling tourists, dizzying. Technology extends the imagination, make our lives more green, more colorful.