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tags 1, Park Broadcasting demand Extended Island Park is positioned at Soul Mountain in Jiangxi coast, riverside waterfront city Wenchang Bridge, north, south and Soul Mountain River Landscape with a phase length 509 meters, covers an location of 80 acres, is a leisure, entertainment and culture with open park.

Park to Extended Island tower-based view to the theme of dragon culture, primarily from south to north Wisteria Promenade, Long Island tower, the initial Lengthy Lake, ancient dragon style, man-created sand beach, dry spray Square, Dragon’s Back water, lying Longtan, Kowloon column, the Northern Wei Dynasty dragon sculptures, ten spots, supplemented by the modern style of the landscape, providing it a new cultural content material, so long historical context Longyou to sublimation, with a distinct character and landscape concentrate . Park green location of 16,528 square meters, pavement region of 22,437 square meters, the beach location of 3155 square meters, water 1,000 square meters. Park set, decoration and embellishment are prominent theme of the creation, garden pavilion, green, sculpture, water, fountains, lighting one more contrast, interactive set off every single other.

To make much more vivid dragon culture appeared to take pleasure in the full stereo impact of pleasure, Long Island Park to invest in the construction of ‘Poem fashion park’ decision to build park in the park radio, complemented by lovely music and Park Attractions complement every single other.

two, Park Radio Design 2.1 Park vision broadcasting program
Structures meet the requirements of modern parks Wireless Intelligent Park public address system to attain “digital playback, steady launch, intelligent control, multi-receiver,” the general objective of a new generation of sensible radio, to produce a Long Island Park to play for leisure, entertainment, culture, Style Park in one of the Images

two.two Park Radio Design Principles Extended Island Park
broadcast design principle of “advanced, scientific, practical” principle, in looking for to use advanced radio Technology To ensure the reliability of the method at the very same time, according to park scenery sound field essential to accomplish the scientific use of various speakers to match with the field atmosphere, in line with financial and sensible ideas of landscape design for every single diverse receiver of various options.

two.3 Park broadcast audio design
By the Personal computer Supply, deck, DVD, digital tuner, microphone, mixer and other components. Matching customers primarily based on the actual predicament: a deck configuration for the tape player configure a DVD for VCD, CD, DVD, MP3, and so on. CD player. Configure a digital tuner for broadcast the Central People’s Broadcasting Station and neighborhood radio applications configure a mixer, all the sources into the mixer initial, then enter via the mixer uniform transmission gear for transmission, so configuration can make all the audio equipment has a method of unified management, but also can play audio for volume handle and analog sound source correction.

two.four Park Design and style Radio Edit
Audio editing Software And computer combination of digital audio workstations, audio signal, recording, digital signal line, and with the MD, DVD, MP3 and hard disk multi-format digital signal compatible with the needs under the plan and compiled a full high-high quality broadcasts.

2.five Park broadcast transmitter design
Utilised in FM Radio transmitter Is detected by the National Radio Committee approve the production of higher-quality transmitters, utilizing micro-computer lock, flash storage, digital error correction, Switching Energy Provide And other advanced technologies. In distinct its former level making use of the most sophisticated remote manage double-locked subcarrier coding techniques, frequency accuracy and stability, remote manage Speaker Off the reliability and accuracy, to ensure steady operation of radio systems can all year round.

two.6 Park Radio Terminal Style
Speaker directly listen to FM (frequency modulation indoor speakers, outside FM Column Speaker , FM lawn speaker) FM-divergent mechanisms to listen to speakers at continual stress (Outdoor Column Speaker, lawn speaker), which embodies a number of listening modes strong radio compatibility, but also enables the spot to set up for different personality qualities speaker.

three, Park radio function 3.1 radio function: PLL FM radio with higher-precision frequency transmitter. The complete broadcasting system without having pole wiring, installation is basic and hassle-free.

3.2 Auto Play function: Can use a digital technique timer, set the DVD timer playback tracks, FM radio transmitter automatically switches frequently.

3.3 digital audio editing features (Extension):
Employing current advanced digital audio workstation as the host, on the audio signal, recording, digital signal line, and with the MD, DVD, MP3 and challenging disk multi-format digital signal compatible with the specifications beneath the program and compiled a total higher-good quality broadcasts.

3.four speaker radio remote handle:
Use the most advanced digital encoding, remote speaker Automatic Switcher, to make certain accuracy. Can 128 (area) for automatic speaker broadcast address (which can expand to numerous districts). Receiver without having manual operation, the audience is robust.

3.five Compulsory spots features: On the sudden emergency broadcast notification events can be inserted at any time.

three.6 unlimited expansion: Powerful in the FM signal coverage within the FM receiver can be utilised numerous speakers.

4, Park Broadcasting, Principles 4.1 Park broadcasting principle Wise radio host broadcast digital audio, DVD, decks, microphones, digital broadcast tuner analog sources such as analog audio, carried into the mixer, mixing, volume control, audio output composite audio signal modification, and so on., by means of the FM radio transmitter on the FM audio modulation, amplification, and the final stage stimulate high-frequency energy amplification output signal, higher frequency feed via cable or higher-frequency waveguide feed tube fed to double-cross antenna, the antenna converts electromagnetic wave oscillator, making radio send the transmission of wireless signals in the air.

Intelligent radio host issued a RS-232 handle signals sent to the intelligent controller to control the broadcasting code modulation, the transmission to the FM radio transmitters, and audio with frequency modulation.

FM radio signals transmitted kind of electromagnetic waves in the air, the terminal can be by means of wireless FM Column Speaker playback can also be employed for extension of wireless revenue and the audio power amplifier signal demodulation broadcast through loudspeakers, but also in a position to handle the FM receiver FM signal demodulation devices will be sent through the lawn speaker amplifier at continuous stress, constant pressure sound box.

five, Park configure a single radio
Park configure a single radio six, Park radio shows The system broadcast scheme for wireless park, suitable for big region, the construction of the park radio, wiring inconvenience.

In addition, according to park atmosphere and demands