Haier’s New Computer To Create Actually Higher


With the continuous development of science and technology, individual pc from early to more energy Pentium x86, and ran right after 2, Pentium 3 … … till now right after far more than ten years, even so, now have high-overall performance processors, personal computer systems have become a household operate, play an integral element of life. Nevertheless, with the man approaching the very first HD Olympics, Haier laptop collectively Intel Run-eye screen release includes new, 45 nanometer technology, lead-cost-free environment and many other top technologies? “Run Aurora Haier eyes new high-definition personal computer”, set a new higher-finish benchmark for home entertainment computers.

45nm processors, HD Graphics Haier personal computer technologies Escort Run the new Aurora HD

Haier eyes in the face of critical higher-finish Computer customers, the first fashion for everyone to show their stunning styles, Chassis Mirror flour baking procedure, the much more classic matte method even a lot more lovely and wearable. Chassis panel is the bright polishing, appears very equivalent to Mac computers, will attract the eyes of numerous fashionistas. The new Aurora

pc, not just the appearance of fine, functionality is impressive. It is powered by the Intel’s new 45nm processor, it is to preserve low power consumption, low noise, the premise for the laptop program to supply higher efficiency and single-threaded application performance computing, and supports high-definition output. In addition, 45nmHigh-k technology to generate a new processor, new Intel ® SSE4 media instructions to bring a far more realistic graphics and game performance, with nVidia graphics card gives high-performance, quickly decoding capability GeForce8 Department of graphics, full help DX10 all the particular effects, integration of the PureVideo HD technologies, for better playback and Yuanmin actual image, to provide customers with private cinema-like higher-definition motion pictures, games expertise. Run the new Aurora Haier high definition pc design style eye Monitor Left behind HDMI, which is higher-definition multimedia interface. HDMI not only the highest good quality to meet the current resolution of 1080P, but also full help DV DAudio such as the most advanced digital audio formats, help for stereo eight-channel 96kHz or 192kHz Digital Audio transmission, and only 1 HDMI cable, to offer users far more comfort.

With sturdy assistance, screen higher-definition output problems unique Run by the Haier eyes screen to be able to finish, enhanced Moisturizing Eye screen has 1680 * 1050 resolution, 1000:1 contrast ratio and high brightness show, and has black crystal silicon anti-reflective coating, which reduces light reflection and absorption of stray light, laptop effects from ambient light, to stay away from image blur and glare triggered by optic nerve fatigue, vision and effective protection of young men and women, parents look for elderly when the screen much more simply, the real and Intel, nVidia’s high-tech totally aligned with the Chinese families International higher good quality merchandise.

New user friendly style, bring users quality of life

Get pleasure from the higher-performance items, Haier New Aurora customers will get pleasure from the most human design and style process, in this fashionable case, the user will uncover that every single detail is crafted produced of Haier , taking into account most of case the user will be placed in the ground, and effortless to use by the elderly, the Energy button on the box at the best there was no interference CD-ROM Button front USB/Audio/16-1 card reader hidden design and style, powerful protection against dust, stunning and sensible. The dual drives, dual Challenging disk Expansion port bit, as the user’s hardware extensions to provide far more comfort. In case the panel will see the joint design and style with Microsoft MCE handle, it integrates the key by the host, you can view photographs, listen to music, watching DVD, audio and video entertainment can be said to be omnipotent, to meet the demands of their family members.

Just launched this new Aurora Moisturizing Eye Computer HD Haier efforts with its strategic partners Intel, one more masterpiece. For the 45-nanometer technology in 2008 to promote the spread of laying a sound foundation. For ordinary shoppers, a lot more importantly, in the homogenization of severe Computer market, the emergence of a design and style idea in advance, ahead of new technologies products. Also for the domestic home digital entertainment to create a new era definition.