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tags 2007 9 6, Haier washing machine in Beijing and Shanghai also held a grand press conference, announced its most recent development of the world’s 1st seven-star washing machine – the “net community” official international market. It is understood that Haier “net neighborhood” washing machine is a basic design philosophy of science as the basis, via rigorous industry and customer analysis and testing, can totally meet the specifications of the global laundry, is the most scientific and technological worth and practical worth of new series. Technological level, the most significant feature of the solution is a Haier washing machine the world’s 1st “wash the quit” technology, the laundry entirely subvert the traditional model, through precision intelligent manage, automatically adjusts the washing, rinsing time, the clothing clean it automatically Stop. The products listed on Haier washing machine in another unconventional innovation, which indicates the higher-finish Haier washing machine will continue to dominate the field and the international pattern.

2001 7 13 The buried depth of China’s productive Olympic bid, Haier has become the only white sponsor of the Olympic Games, Haier Appliances has ushered in a period of rapid development, individuals surmount Haier Haier to build the world’s 1st competitive brands One Olympic dream in the hearts of Haier staff had clear for the Olympics the world’s best R &amp D a washing machine.

Haier International Arranging Survey 1-year, thousands of customers in-depth residence shops about the world, face to face communication with users of different colors, listening, understanding and deep into the grasp consumer demands. In the survey of buyers have up to 70% of individuals believe that washing should be a lot more intelligent. If there is a clothing washing machine can automatically decide the dirt, set the time, it will be the laundry of the heavy housework into a joy.

Haier men and women to demand a firm purpose to turn into the worldwide R &amp D group on a massive quantity of information collection to analysis, washing raw components and strict testing, prove selected thousands of washing fabrics, carried out on million users repeated simulation experiment, which lasted 4 years, cautiously investigation and improvement, technical barriers to break through the sector, pioneered the “wash the cease” technology. Reportedly, the product is a full variety of photoelectric detection, by actual-time detection of alterations in dirty barrel water level to figure out the time of washing clothes. “Wash the quit” the use of technology, efficient for the user to achieve water, electrical energy, clothing and also minimize wear, the wear price decreased about 25%, water 30%, saving about 30%.

“Net world” have a Haier washing machine special addition to ‘wash the stop’ technologies, also has no detergent, SPA drying, the liquid crystal touch, dual energy, dry air wash, such as access to foreign and domestic intelligence agencies Frequency authorized seven core technologies, known as the world’s 1st seven-star washing machine. Can be stated that this product launch, shoppers will open a new era of family members life. “Net globe” series of goods in the marketplace before, following the worldwide 2008 buyers last year’s test, received vital acclaim, with distinct boundaries, various ages, different skin colour attempted which products have brought comfort to its deep laundry procedure satisfactory.

Fleeting six years, the Olympics close, Haier individuals by way of sustained efforts, six years of grinding sword, the effective launch of the “net globe” series, the Olympic dream to accomplish perfection! It is reported that “net planet” series have not listed, has received orders for nearly ten million units, the major channels competing for the initial sales of the solution appropriate.

Location, according to Hale mentioned, this release of the “net world” series now obtainable nationwide in the market place, customers can go to encounter and acquire of key household appliances retailers. Haier also held in significant cities across the country, “the Olympic dream, the net neighborhood center”?? Haier washing machine tour the Olympic dream version of events, talking about the “net planet” story behind the identical time, Haier will share with the National Consumers “net world” to ten million families in the leading services.