Haier Kitchen Technologies Leader Achievements Best “kitchen Electrical Package”


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Massive house

Residence Appliances

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Appliance market place continues to hot, specially in


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Overall health merchandise and powerful functionality is getting


Are in hot pursuit. In distinct, the just won the “China International Kitchen

Bathroom Goods

Exhibition “double award honors the return of


Kitchen appliances booth, crowded, its most current “inverter air curtain hood + anti-dry gas stoves” kitchen package captured the attention of energy, decoration of decision for consumers “star product.”

Technology + kitchen companion care achievements

Ms. Amy

For many, the cooking is the most painful oily smoke damage to the skin. Is there any way to solve this dilemma? Haier “inverter air curtain hood”, turned out to bring the gospel to, Ms. Amy. Haier people in an innovative way to mature air curtain technologies artfully makes use of the variety hood items, invented the “Variable wind screen hood,” sync with international fashion trends, relying on a distinctive tilt air curtain fume 8o isolation technologies, efficient separation of people and smoke, totally avoid the fumes on human skin, the respiratory technique against, attentive care of your skin and wellness, but also than the regular solution


1 / three.

“Hey, they burn Dry Pot it!” This is yet another in the kitchen you confused it?


Often hear people cooking at property accidentally dry wok, cook at residence for the elderly in distinct are effortlessly forgotten thing, like to do the cooking although the other household chores, far more comparable hazardous incidents. Now, with the assistance of higher-tech products, such troubles can be solved.

Haier equipped with skilled research group, by way of 5 years of painstaking analysis launched China’s first “anti-dry gas stove” is offered a perfect resolution. Higher-tech anti-dry protection program, by way of the intelligent temperature sensor, precise


The bottom speak to temperature cooking utensils, after reach a hazardous temperature, fast start off protection technique to accomplish


Cut off the gas supply linkage, also issued


The songs remind you of a harmful discharge. And unique tailor-produced for Chinese cooking patent raging fire system, fire from .3 to 4.5KW its capability from low to higher, stir more than high flame from a simmer soup to the user can chose freely. At the exact same time, utilizing 3-dimensional design of a blue ring of fire, so that vessels of different shapes can attain uniform heating, high efficiency blue fire, than the average


Saving far more than 20%.

Dominance of the particulars of the organic top quality +

Sector point out that Haier kitchen electric goods, exceptional good quality, is backed by the world below its international brand strategy


R &amp D, the distinctive technical benefits combined with international style trends accurately, it has always been capable to dominate at house, and Haier advocated “technologies, top quality, care” and create ideas, and simpler to move from the specifics buyers, has won market recognition, so a trustworthy kitchen appliances.

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