HACCP Application


On 1st January 2006 the European Meals Regulations EC Regulation 852/2004 was implemented in the Britain by way of the Meals Hygiene (England) Regulations 2005 and similar legislation for the rest of the UK.

These EU based meals hygiene regulations had largely the very same requirements as the old UK regulations. The a single key departure is that the 2005 Regulations demand that all food companies have in place a written Food Safety Management Program based on HACCP principles, with suitable records.

It is this requirement for a written HACCP primarily based program, with records, that has brought into prominence the use of HACCP software.

Before we take into account the actual use of HACCP application we should define what HACCP is. HACCP stands for “Hazard Analysis Critical Handle Point”. HACCP is an internationally recognised meals security management method that allows the vital meals security actions in the food organization to be identified and then controls put in spot to ensure every essential step is completed safely. It is a program that lends itself to the use of HACCP computer software.

Though the HACCP program is fairly simple, it can be daunting for these in the meals trade who are not use to contemplating terms like evaluation, monitoring, handle, validation etc. and it is right here that HACCP application cam support.

That is not to say that HACCP software program is important for the implementation of a HACCP method. There are a number of paper-based HACCP management systems. Assured Secure Catering, is one particular extended established program that demands the identification of the vital measures in a catering enterprise, and these will be similar for most caterers (e.g. acquire, storage, preparation, cooking, cooling, reheating and service). When the critical methods have been identified for an individual organization and the essential limit set e.g. a minimum cooking temperature of 75°C, written records are kept of the temperatures achieved (and of the monitoring of other crucial limits). This program can be extremely successful despite the fact that those implementing it will want to have a extremely great understanding of the HACCP principles that underlie it. Even so, it cannot offer the prompts and guidance that can be incorporated in good HACCP software.

To supply far more guidance and make less type filling than is necessary in the Assured Safe Catering program the Meals Standards Agency sponsored the improvement of Safer Food Much better Business (SFBB). This comprises a manual that describes in words and photos a range of catering (and food retailing) systems that are frequent and identifies the critical points, critical limits, controls, and acceptable monitoring in every single case. The use of a easy diary for record keeping reduces the paperwork and time needed for this system.

HACCP application is as a result only 1 way in which the requirement for every single food organization to implement a meals safety management technique primarily based on HACCP principles can be achieved. However, depending on its structure HACCP software can be effortless to use, offer a prepared identification of critical handle points, give guidance on critical limits, monitoring and decrease the quantity of paperwork needed.

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