Guangxi Town Hardware


Binyang County, a lengthy history of production of hardware merchandise, with the history, improvement, and hardware product production became Binyang conventional industries, production and improvement modes of production from manual to semi-mechanized or mechanized, the item from the basic to the rich and popular with low-cost higher-good quality locations and beyond.

Right after the reforms, the county has earlier county, the county government in fostering new industries, with emphasis on assistance and improvement of traditional industries to adopt prevailing situations, policy help, Fangshuiyangyu such measures and approaches to turn into bigger and stronger focus on conventional industries.

Specifically in recent years efforts, the county’s political winds turn for the much better, industrial air purification, and the folks Chunhua, in such a very good atmosphere, the county’s hardware industry has ushered in a spring of development.

At present, the county has 27 hardware products manufacturing enterprises, of which reside in similar items in the area the size of the prime ten enterprises have 3, there are nine specialized villages, employing 17000 people, the main goods are daily hardware, tools and hardware , construction hardware, metal containers, plumbing fittings, metal crafts, padlocks, bicycle components, tractor components and so on, up to more than 200 kinds of varieties.

Items are exported to the region or elsewhere, some products are also exported to Hong Kong, Southeast Asia and Europe and the United States and other nations and regions, 2004 annual turnover of 404 million, accounting for 10.8% of the county industrial output value export supply amounted to 2.three million U.S. dollars. Hardware improvement of the business also contributed to the skilled improvement of the market place, the current county built particularly for hardware producers to give a raw material of the steel market, with exclusive hardware for the skilled market an annual turnover of 210 million yuan.

In order to additional strengthen and expand hardware sector, the county’s current approach for the production of hardware backward, irrational structures, small-scale enterprises and other concerns, has not too long ago formulated the “Binyang County hardware merchandise industry,” Eleventh 5-year “objective programming”, via the integration of resources, optimizing the atmosphere, fine-tune structure, create the brand, broadening financing channels for successful measures and strategies, and strive to hardware items market in 2010, the annual output worth reached 1.2 billion, with exports amounting to 28 million U.S. dollars, cultivating a lot more than 5 years of output worth of 5000 million in organization.