Government Dogma – Would You Nonetheless Believe in it If You Actually Knew the Truth?


The word dogma is most frequently applied to religious systems whereby certain doctrines are proclaimed as accurate… no matter whether they are or not. Nonetheless this term also applies to any method exactly where arrogant leaders and propaganda dictate belief. You can probably think about where I am going with this thought.

As emotionally difficult as it is to compare government with religion, I think it is appropriate to do so. Now please understand that I am not attacking any distinct religion, nor do I reject them. I’m just attempting to shine some light on our willingness to worship ‘beliefs’ that may possibly, or may possibly not be the entire truth.

Isn’t it intriguing that those following a particular religion will most generally believe that other religions are wrong. Theirs is the only accurate religion, ordained by our Creator. So that indicates the other thousands of faiths are wrong, and they are right. Fascinating isn’t it? God only knows.

The very same holds true of a lot of systems of government. To most Americans, capitalism is appropriate, and socialism, communism, and fascism are incorrect, for instance. Democracy is the only way to go, as it provides the folks a say in government. Nevertheless when has your private opinion ever been regarded as by government?

Nonetheless folks seldom cease to consider that we’re not a democracy in America – we’re a representative republic. The procedure is primarily based on democratic principles, however you will not discover the word democracy in the Constitution. Is not that odd?

Democracy is an illusion designed by the elitists in handle of a lot of governments. Some researchers actually equate it with socialism, as it gives the impression that the ‘people’ personal items… when in reality it is the elitist international bankers who truly personal and manage practically all assets – which includes our minds and bodies, if we let them (and most do).

Democracies ignore the organic person rights of the men and women, in favor of collective privileges. This is contrary to everything our founding fathers envisioned when the Constitution was established – and for that reason unconstitutional. Individual rights and freedoms are largely ignored.

If America had been a democracy, then 51% of the population would manage the other 49% for instance. The government and media would have a field day with that, and be able to manipulate practically all public opinion. They would merely spread propaganda that leads men and women to think one particular way, and there you go…it is carried out! The men and women will have spoken…though is not that really what is truly happening now?

Below our republic, the guidelines are set, and government is limited to stay away from such nonsense. The typically phony persuasion control is eliminated in favor of clearly defined time-proven principles that remain constant. Right and wrong are defined by moral and lawful requirements, and the degree of injury is decided by juries of our peers. And our founding fathers did a masterful job of attempting to insure that the unalienable foundational rights are honored: these that defend life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Join me in understanding the truth about government.


Larry Andreen