Going to The Please Touch Museum

flickr City Capers delivers a realistic urban environment of buildings from Philadelphia’s skyline. It consists of a construction zone and medical center, and other activities that produce a ‘neighborhood’ inside the museum.

Explore a museum favorite, the ShopRite Supermarket, and uncover the folks, organizations and neighborhoods that make city life so dynamic. One more highlight is the display of the set and props from the beloved Philadelphia children’s Television show, Captain Noah and his Magical Ark.

Visitors can use their body to make factors go. Anything is achievable in this fantasy globe which sets the stage for imagination-based play.

Row a flying machine or play hopscotch on clouds. In Flight Fitness, flying machines inspired by centuries of experimentation and imagination supply possibilities for producing movement utilizing your body’s personal power.

In Space Station, households can develop their personal rockets that blast off via a soaring Ring Tower or discover distant planets as an astronaut on an interactive Blue Screen. With physical science as a focal point throughout, Flight Fantasy lets young children experiment with balance, speed and coordination to develop the sensation of gliding, hovering and spinning.

In Roadside Attractions, youngsters decide which destinations and marvels they want to learn and discover. Kids can set up road indicators, gather tolls and uncover roadside adventures in unexpected locations.

Repair your car and fill its tank in Please Touch Garage, then produce a fantasy car in our Body Shop. Jump into the driver’s seat of the SEPTA Bus or take a trip into the future on the Monorail Rocket Express.

Then take a rest and study a book in the City Park – an urban retreat complete with an authentic Philadelphia food vendor’s cart. Roadside Attractions requires the familiar theme of transportation and integrates it into the experiences of engineering, designing, function playing and much more.

Take a journey down the river to discover science, nature and weather in River Adventures. Race sailboats in water currents, play with bubbles, and rainbows while discovering animals nestled in the high grass and lily ponds in Nature’s Pond.

In Rainforest Rhythm, kids can play music on nature-inspired instruments and discover music from about the planet in a tree residence setting. Descend down the Rabbit Hole to enter the topsy-turvy globe of Wonderland.

Weave through a circular maze and uncover the Tea Party, the Hall of Doors and Mirrors, the Pool of Tears and Caucus Race, and the Duchess’ Kitchen. Uncommon characters, challenging riddles and experiments with optical illusions make Wonderland an imaginative place to be.

Fairytale Garden, a toddler region, offers a protected haven for even the youngest guests. As a single of the final remaining pieces of the 1876 Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia, Memorial Hall is a historical and architectural wonder.

Households will adore the personal accounts of everyday life at the Fair and the popular Centennial Exhibition guests. Youngsters will be amazed at the inventions revealed at the fair such as the first phone, typewriter, root beer and much more.

Don’t miss the highlight of Centennial Exploration, a. The 20′ X 30′ model of the 1876 Exhibition grounds was a gift to the city in 1889, and gives a miniature view of the 200 buildings built for the World’s Fair, exactly where the banana was very first introduced to the U.S. Families.

As guests enter Hamilton Hall, they encounter a life-sized, 40-foot replica of the Statue of Liberty’s Arm and Torch. This sculpture is created out of toys, games and other ‘found objects’ gathered and assembled by local artist Leo Sewell.

The original Statue of Liberty Arm and Torch was displayed at the 1876 Centennial Exhibition as element of a fundraising effort to help fund the pedestal that now holds the full statue in New York Harbor. Take a ride on Please Touch Museum’s fully refurbished century-old carousel.

This iconic carousel was originally situated in Philadelphia’s Woodside Park and was crafted in 1908 by the Dentzel Carousel Company. Soon after more than 40 years in storage, returns to its hometown bringing joy to new generations in its personal 9,000 square-foot glass pavilion on the east side of Memorial Hall.