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tags 22 March is Planet Water Day, in order to do day-to-day water conservation, use of the Remote Shandong University of Technologies Monitoring Technique To water. Use this water house in time to find and solve the school a complete circuit of water pipes inside the building run, run, drip, leak water and waste water usage is not standardized. College staff is anticipated to use the equipment to saving 560,000 tons per year. To save electrical energy, the college also uses solar lights.

School just a couple of mouse clicks can monitor water
21 days, Shandong University of Technologies, warm water and electricity management workplace to the staff of just a handful of mouse clicks, you can see the internal particulars of the use of water or stop it, but also correct to see an hour or even within the Dong Lou 10 minutes ahead of the use of water which appeared Paomaodilou Donglou and irregular use of water in the control space at a glance if any of you Donglou exceeded the ceiling set in the water, the method will automatically Alarm .

Shandong Science and Technologies Institute of China Hydropower warm Management Office Li Can, stated: “The Remote Monitoring Program is by way of the multi-school teachers soon after their own R &amp D study, as opposed to the introduction of gear to commit two to 3 million, the program is low price, higher efficiency, more appropriate for our school really, only took over a hundred million they received very excellent outcomes. “

Warm in water management office, Sun Qingdian director demonstrates the system’s operation, according to him, a full circuit of mountains HKUST teaching constructing and student apartments are equipped with a Remote Water meter , Of the genuine-time monitoring of water metering, meter information acquisition method according to the pulse signal to calculate the corresponding water, use of network switches to these information into pc readable signals, and via the campus network to all signals transmitted manage area terminal.

Schools estimated water saving measures a lot more than 560,000 tons
The handle terminal, management staff area set according to the software program and the received information generated graphs and charts for different time periods so water is extremely image of the visual comparison. Employees also reside according to Dong Lou on the number and the historical typical consumption of water to each and every creating would set a cap of water, if water consumption exceeds this limit, the method interface will pop up alarm, they right away organized personnel Check upkeep.

“Interface pops up soon after the alarm to remind us just to play the function, not to the students quickly without having water.” Sunzhu Ren said. It is understood that this program also can be vertical, horizontal two directions, summary of statistics on each floor, water or on water consumption and generate charts, easy to handle the employees space for evaluation and comparison.

Discovered, to conserve water sources, promote the green low-carbon living, Shandong Science and Technologies Institute of China to use two sets of non-unfavorable pressure water supply program and implement regional partial stress of water provide, to reduce or slow down the water points of stress or flow. Schools in student apartments, self-created teaching constructing toilets installed automatic sensor assembly of the human physique 608 sets of water-saving devices on taps toilet water-saving devices installed on more than five,000 automatic decompression.

Employees also stated that prior to using the system, the students opened the tap is typically splash the water mouth of decompression Valve Can reduce the water stress, slow flow to avoid unnecessary waste, according to the school measured Division staff ahead of and following making use of the method of statistics and computing, is expected to be saving the college nearly 560 thousand tons per year. “In other words, with no adverse pressure water supply program, our school can be a year of water savings for 100 000 (per household five to six tons of water per month) ordinary residents a month.” Employees said.

In addition, throughout the 2010 winter break, the college additional refine water management, water-saving devices male urinal installation of a large apartment block board, to implement regional handle on the girls bathroom apartment fitted by Inductor , The implementation of sub-file handle. With the addition of induction points, narrowing the scope of induction sensors, inductive sensors improve accuracy, a move anticipated to make about 500 tons of water a day college. The school also make complete use of all-natural water during the rainy season, the laying of practically two,000 meters, flushing water pipeline, only a summer season rain on access to 13,000 tons.

University students Power Inspection teams set up energy conservation
Order for students to participate in actions to conserve power, the school also set up special organizations, college students on campus energy inspectors team. Students to join the team inspectors will regularly check the scenario about the water and electrical energy, waste time on the existing report and right.

Administered by the Institute of Energy Inspector Lin Longmin the university group 1, she told reporters: “My main laboratory developing is responsible for checking whether or not the phenomenon of waste water and electrical energy saving, water saving device is operating correctly, usually in speak to with numerous players, we specially constructed a QQ group, what concerns to ask in the QQ group, will quickly be back, so to enhance the efficiency and quality. “Numerous students have joined the Inspectorate team, stated group members as a quite honorable Power Inspector . ?

Green energy electricity first installed 20 solar lamp In addition to saving water
Remote Monitoring Technique, Stars Plaza, Shandong University of Science and Pearl Hill Plaza also installed some “new lights”, according to Yamashina fantastic teacher introduction, it is just installed and have been put into use in the 20 solar lights, some schools achieved the green light illumination.

Schools, said in charge of water heating, solar lights installed effortless to use, no other wiring from the solar cell, absorbing sunlight during the day inside the battery casing is automatically charged to the night to light by means of the light control, no longer expense electricity. Furthermore, these lights are low voltage DC energy supply, Security And better, life is also longer.

Solar garden lights into use, each evening-time activities for the students a lot of convenience, but also the popularization of university students played a new lighting technology and the role of clean green power. Materials, Shandong Science and Technologies Institute of China Academy students Qi Wei Chen is a skating enthusiast, he told reporters: “So at night, we can only be educated in the lamp, the light was not extremely great. Plaza soon after installing the solar lights and lighting effects significantly much better than before We usually come at the instruction, considerably far more readily. This not only provides us new power item has been convenience, but also to strengthen our awareness of environmental protection. “