Glc-320 Scrubbing Filter In Vitro Research And Application – Filters, Water Pollution – Water

tags Abstract: Evaluation of the mechanical mixing of widespread walnut shell Filter Use in oil field issues, introduced the GLC-320 rub-sort in vitro Filter The main technical parameters, composition, operating principle and essential technologies and features. GLC-320 in vitro rub filter media provides a new way of laundering, not only to overcome the conventional mechanical mixing in the media backwash backwash is not thorough, easy to hardening of the defect, but also by the corrosion method, a method sophisticated, compact, higher automation. The filter in the field test circumstances and operating properly.

Key phrases: Oil, Water Pollution , Water treatment, filters, flushing structure

1. Application of walnut shell filter

Oil and gas field made water at the moment used walnut shell filter, multi-backwash mechanical mixing approach, which the impeller tank filter through in-depth high-speed rotation, the center of the formation of low stress in the impeller zone, causing the outer edge of the impeller The center of the troubled flow, churn driven medium, so that particles collide medium, friction, to get rid of the surface adsorbed the objective of waste oil to medium to maximize return to its original state.

Even though the mechanical mixing of walnut shell filter has a basic structure, effortless operation and many other benefits, but from the makers of walnut shell filter use in numerous fields of view there are still some troubles. 1st on the screen

repeated blockage in the operation of the case or even turn red, specially in the case of imports under the higher oil content, a lot more prone to this phenomenon. Analysis may, in addition to imports of oil content might be also high, causing oil to plug the sieve pores, there are other internal causes, it is because the formation of the rotating impeller flow erosion on the decrease component of the part of filter tank, filter tank to the bottom clogging, and fluid erosion on the upper component of the part of filter tank is a lot smaller than the bottom, so the medium of little particles embedded on the screen will be high-speed slot, when the upper blocking rate of a particular level, its top and bottom will be formed a excellent stress, till the screen turned red. Meanwhile, in this way the anti-flushing method, the walnut shell media is complete of the filtration tank space, it is the medium of little particles can effortlessly mesh embedded in the gap, therefore aggravating the situation on the mesh of the block. For instance, I plant GLW180/.six-two filter, in November 1999 in Jianghan Oilfield stop production runs, in late February 2000, the king of a station staff reflect the poor sewage backwash, Stress Gauge Shows the stress has reached .7MPa, much more than the design stress limit .6MPa, stress-filter tank so usually. The open tank, located that black layer of oil floating on the surface of the tank, place the bottom portion from the tank with water, exposed on the screen, take away the check and located the screen to plug the complete media.

2 is due to medium whilst stirring flush with, or following the 1st flush mixing method, it requires a lot of clean water to ensure sufficient washing time and strength the exact same time, anti-washing is not thorough enough simply because of media, the media employed for some time often essential after adding costly chemicals to help clean, it ought to resolve the resulting serious emissions. Even so, calcium, magnesium, barium salt and other chemical agents to join, will inevitably accelerate the medium compaction, filter bed of the blockage, top to medium to high cost of scrap and the price of replacement.

Order to overcome the typical mechanical mixing of walnut shell filter device in question seems in the oilfield since 2002, in help of China Petrochemical Corporation, our factory with the oil and gas, scientific study institutions Cooperation , Introduced into the most advanced stage of walnut shell media Backwash technical – in vitro and scrubbing technology, developed a GLC-320 scrubbing filter in vitro. Now its principal parameters, the primary structure, operating principle, characteristics and test of key prospect and a short description. To water therapy in oil and gas fields, and peers.

2.GLC-320 scrubbing filter profile in vitro

Water treatment in oil and gas fields, walnut shell media with other media can not match the advantages: chemical stability, high hardness, great wear resistance directly prior to the water can filter backwash, from time to need the use of gas and chemical activity of pharmaceutical and Backwash low strength and good impact adsorption strong hydrophilic house and anti-immersion.