Get pleasure from Sauna and Conquer Mont Blanc


On Saturday, August 21, 2010, a Finn expedition conquered Mon Blanc in France, the highest peak in Western Europe. Reaching the summit in sub-zero situations of Mont Blanc, four adventurous Finns set up sauna by employing a specially made wood-fired oven and tent standing at 4,810 metres above sea level. In order to erect such a nice sauna ahead of dawn, mountain climbers had to embark up the mountainside in darkness. Thanks to a specially created wood-fired oven in sauna tent, the Mon Blanc expedition was warmed up and continued their venture. Setting up saunas on the peak of Mon Blanc is a project supported by Helo, the engineering business Aaro Peltoniemi, Savotta and Scandinavian Outside Retailer with a view to promoting Finnish sauna culture. Let’s have appear at the most breathtaking images of the Finn expedition to conquer Mon Blanc by sauna on August 21.


Below the sub-zero weather situation on the leading of Mon Blanc, the Finn expedition enjoyed sauna in just underwear


The sauna with a specially developed wood-fired oven inside was erected at the height of 4,810 metres above sea level. The mountain climbers took a sauna bath to be prepared for the subsequent day


The Finn expedition consisting of Kari Härkönen, Tuomas Poikela, Sami Vähänen, and Aaro Peltoniemi started to climb the mountain early in the next morning in a favorable weather


In a cold weather of sub-zero situation, wood utilized for burning oven in sauna have been carefully chosen and very best functioned to burn nicely in the higher altitude from the mountain


Mont Blanc, the highest mountain in the Alps, Western Europe and the European Union is also named Monte Bianco or White Mountain


With the height of four,810.45 m above sea level and becoming covered with white snow around the year, Mont Blanc is popular for mountaineering, hiking, skiing and snowboarding


Sauna is an essential component of the Finnish culture. There are more than two million saunas of five million inhabitants in total in Finland as a result, there is averagely a sauna of one particular per household


Sauna is the place not only for physical but mental relaxation as nicely. Thus, following enjoying sauna, Finnish expedition felt comfy and energetic enough to conquer the way to the summit of Mon Blanc



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