Gecko Swag Bag – An Excellent Gadget For iPad


If you are possessing an iPad Apple, one particular of the most fashionable device presently offered in the market place, you are probably to want to have a gadget that can each protects your iPad and add exciting and character to it. Catching this demand, an Australian enterprise, Gecko, which have renowned for its higher end gadget and pc accessories, has introduced a Swag Bag providing each style and defense for your iPad.


Initial Thoughts

We located Gecko Swag Bag actually appealing and fun since of the lively Purple and Pink mixture that they sent us. The other colour choice which is Midnight (Black) looks simple and classic. The really feel of the components used is definitely good and the padding is enough to shield your iPad even from minor bumps or shocks.


Very best Use

Gecko Swag Bag is best if you want to give your iPad great protection although being in style. It is greatest to put it inside your bag when you require to travel or carry it about just like a pouch. It is also excellent for typing considering that it provides an superb angle to make your typing comfy and simple.



This soft bag functions a quilt-like design and style that looks actually good. It has adequate padding that provides superior protection. There are also two zippers that close the bag and keep it protected. Gecko Swag Bag also boasts its Fold and Touch function that turns itself into a comfy typing pad. You just want to fold the other side in the middle and fold it a single far more time and you are going to immediately get a perfect angle for typing. Lastly, it is also water-resistant so it would avert water particles from penetrating the inside and soaking your iPad.



Gecko Swag Bag has soft padding inside to safeguard your iPad from damages like dirt, scratches, scrapes, minor shocks and bumps and even water. The easy stitched style is really detailed so the stitches appear neat and fashionable. Also, the zipper teeth are tiny and somehow hidden inside unlike most zippers which are large and appear ordinary.


Then the interior is created from suede supplies that really feel nice and soft. There are also four elastic bands on every single angle to safe your iPad in location so even if you open the zipper, your iPad won’t accidentally fall out.



This great bag retails for AU$ 29.95 which is roughly around US$ 27. The great factor is that Gecko gives totally free shipping within Australia. But if you never live in Australia and bought a lot more than $ 129, you can avail of their free shipping promo as well.



Gecko Swag Bag is absolutely a case to have. It keeps your iPad protected from the every day put on and tear even though becoming trendy. The components used are really nice and the high quality is excellent and tough. This Gecko Swag Bag doesn’t only defend your iPad from the usual damages but it can also avoid your iPad from getting wet because it’s water-resistant.


Even when you open it all the way via, your iPad is kept protected and secured by the elastic bands on all the 4 corners of the case. It also instantly transforms itself into a typing pad which tends to make typing simple and comfy.


For only about US $ 27, you can have all these extraordinary attributes that Gecko Swag Bag gives. You can purchase this iPad case on their official internet site.


Disclosure: We have been provided a sample for review by Gecko Gear and we have been not compensated in any implies.