Gas Water Heater Into The Leading Ten Sales Of Over eight Million And Retain Talent


Lately, reporters from China 3C industries largest market place study companies in the PRC, market place investigation firm noted that, in 2008

Gas Water Heater

Brand in a much more concentrated market, sales of top ten

Million and

, MACRO, Haier, forest,


, To rate the quantity of Vantage and other best ten brands accounted up to 82.55%, three.64% larger than last year, industry concentration additional elevated. Amongst them, the complete year of 2008 million and to 21.93% of the market reelected leader, came in second location compared to almost four percentage points, specially given that October, 10,000, and the distance with the second phase began, as soon as opened to the December 8 percentage points. This is the million and Gas

Water heater

National market place share of the initial seven consecutive years, while 2008 million and total sales have topped.

It is understood that, from 2007, “Gas Water Heater national energy efficiency standards,” considering that the implementation of sector technical threshold improved, creating gas water heater market share progressively to the massive brands. Because June 1, 2008 onwards, in China the production, sale and import of gas water heater goods to paste the energy-efficiency labeling. Like ten 000 and, forest, Haier, Vantage, etc.,

Gas Appliance

Prime ten brands sold, with the Chinese Academy of power efficiency requirements for identity management center, the state top quality supervision and inspection of gas appliances, center directors have been initiated associated to gas water heater energy efficiency labeling of paste operate. Gas water heater industry rapidly reshuffle, the mainstream brands accounted for most of industry share.

2008, the state greater demands on power conservation, residents utilizing environmentally friendly power, sustainable use of the item conscious. In last year’s “two sessions”, the CPPCC National Committee members XIE Chao-hua lawyer for the initial time suggested that the national power policy to subsidize water heater, direct to customers saving one more section, and is as a result received widespread consideration. Million and the initial response, through cooperation with supermarkets, co-launched the “energy subsidy”, to promote energy efficiency requirements up to a condensing gas water heater activity, significantly promoted the recognition of energy-saving gas water heater.

According million and Group President Lu Chulong introduction, million, and adhere to technological innovation, promote the industry’s initial mixture of production, “power saving gas with R &amp D center” constructed, it established a “million and provincial enterprise technologies centers” and “


Provincial energy saving gas with engineering technology research and development center “, relying on 3 technology centers, concentrate on R &amp D and energy conservation, environmental protection, emission reduction connected to core technology and higher-end marketplace, efforts to promote new power conservation, which is 10,000 and the item improve the sales structure, sales development of essential reasons to share.

2008, the “monetary crisis” sweeping the globe, and spread to the real economy, gas water heater sector usher in a new round of reshuffling, in 2007 the best ten brands in 2008, basically to consolidate its marketplace position, and take much more market place share, of which ten 000 and, Haier, Midea is adverse economic growth. Lu Chulong evaluation, 10 000, and the explanation to maintain development for seven consecutive years, which is based on 10,000 and has been adhering to the thrifty, prudent management style, adhere to a clear gas development method, the exact same time, aerospace good quality as regular product quality, and so forth. . 2008 million and timely comply with-up modifications in the customer marketplace, launching with the future improvement trends and customer demand for power-saving environmental protection items and to generate the most cost-powerful products is ten,000 and the principal implies to address the monetary crisis.