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tags Current years, the flat Television has turn into the mainstream Tv marketplace promoting item, with the Technologies Continuously upgraded, plasma Television prices turn into increasingly accessible. Plasma Tv as a symbol of high quality and healthful life, but also gaining in recognition. Well, so what kind of a plasma Television benefit, from the operates, the other six plasma TVs normally have the following benefits:

Plasma Television works

Plasma show panels, scientific PDP (PlasmaDisplayPanel), (Taiwan recognized as plasma display). PDP is a show technology utilizing gas discharge, it performs quite similar with the fluorescent lamp. It uses plasma tube as a light emitting device, the screen of each plasma tube corresponds to a pixel, the screen glass as a substrate, the substrate a particular distance away, surrounded by airtight seal forming a discharge space, the discharge space filled neon, mixture of inert gas xenon as the working medium in the inside surface of two glass substrates coated with conductive metal oxide thin films for excitation electrode. When adding voltage to the electrodes, the discharge space of the mixed gas plasma discharge phenomenon will take place, also recognized as the plasma impact.

Gas plasma discharge created UV, UV-excited red, green and blue phosphor coated screen, screen emits visible light, revealing the image. When each color unit with 256 level gray-scale and then to colour mixing, color show can achieve. From the working principle of speaking, PDP technology compared with other display clear differences in structure and composition of the lead.

Advantage of 1: if correct imaging clarity Xuxu

From the technical principles, due to plasma PDP in the light tube evenly distributed in the plane, so that the image of the center and edge show exactly the same distortions do not appear to realize the accurate sense of the pure plane and no image distortion . Because the approach does not show Electronic Beam movement, with out the help of electromagnetic fields, so that no outside interference electromagnetic field also has good environmental adaptability. PDP is a self-luminous display, does not need background Light supply , There is no uniformity of view and brightness troubles. The 3-color phosphor share the very same plasma, the design and style also allows it to avoid focusing and convergence troubles, can achieve a quite clear image.

Advantage of two: the big image, enjoying the scene

Present plasma TV’s brightness and contrast over traditional CRT Tv, even below bright environment can take pleasure in the large screen video. In the flat-panel Television in the PDP has the widest viewing angle, up to 160 or much more, that is, the audience in diverse locations, see the image brightness, contrast and color are basically small modify. At the same time, plasma Television with high brightness and contrast, color reproduction is good, gray-wealthy, viewing angle, the image response to the quickly changing and rapidly edge, so the overall performance of plasma Tv advantage of dynamic video pictures far more clearly, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games period, with plasma Tv viewers sit at property in comfort and appreciate a feast of this sport. Knock-off DVDs like friends, but also realized by means of the plasma into the movie theater you can not appreciate the vast authentic.

3 benefits: a extensive convergence Digital

Present, PDP Tv can be accomplished only all-digital, that end of the transfer method, are digital signal processing, with no a D / A conversion, will not make the signal distortion and loss of image information of an image is high quality and CRT, LCD display brightness or gray-scale pictures are controlled by analog voltage, and consequently the transmission of digital signals to be carried out D / A conversion, this will result in signal distortion and loss of info resulting image top quality degradation. As a result, if you want a a lot more comfortable and much more convenient to watch digital Tv applications, Configure a plasma Tv is important.

Benefit four: compatible with much more digital goods

As plasma Tv is from the enterprise PDP Modify from its multi-media show attributes outstanding compared to other plasma TVs normally have more audio and video interface for direct connection Computer , DV D, cameras, video recorders, set-top boxes, digital storage devices, and even multimedia handle and so on.