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tags Data security difficulties for enterprise A target according to the U.S. Notebook Security, independent study report, Worldwide lost or stolen laptop data loss triggered by, where the company will bring the average up to 49,246 dollars. For contemporary enterprises to boost safety awareness, steer clear of Notebook Information loss triggered by has turn out to be a leading priority. Reporter Interview Identified that related troubles plague numerous industrial notebook users.

Case 1: A President Xiao Ning Yes, a security Proxy , His notebook Storage A lot of consumer details. If this data is lost, not only Mr. A excellent loss, but there is the risk of disclosure of user info. Even so, recent unit of a certain brand of rationing his laptop keeps crashing, A, would like a laptop to the garage, but the worry of notebook computers in the consumer details disclosure. Repair or not repair, A President this badly battered.

Case two: B is a senior business leader, Mr., his notebook in the company files a lot of of which are critical secrets. As the B typically meet, some documents had to let the Secretary took the approval procedure, but this notebook, there might be some confidential documents from prying eyes, or copy this situation to Mr. B headache. Time in a taxi when, B laptop lost in Mr. a taxi, although most of it chasing laptop back, but it is still so scared, Mr. B endless.

Two circumstances can be seen through: business notebook information security has become an important problem troubled business folks. Recently, in order to the user’s data safety escort, Founder Yihe series of market in the introduction of laptops at the identical time, also introduced FounderABSProSystem security Computer software , The data security Options Powerful solution to the user’s worries.

In FounderABSProSystem safety computer software, the “safe files” feature is an critical data leakage prevention solutions. Back up crucial files or folders to a specified directory, the user can only enter the correct password FounderABSProSystem safety application to Visit To avoid information loss or leakage. Therefore, the company’s essential documents, like password data, can be placed in this directory, so that notebook as secure as protected and dependable.

Founder ABSPro program also has a strong grinding capacity information. At present, some have been deleted data can be given a smooth recovery computer software, which increases the danger of information leakage. To solve this issue, FounderABSProSystem data safety software program gives a complete answer to remove?? Information smash. Grinding degree is divided into three levels: primary crushing, grinding and destruction crush depth. Using this feature, the data right after a number of cover entirely removed, even if the use of distinct computer software can not be recovered.

Also, do not have to worry about data loss happens, Founder ABSPro system also provides a data rescue plan. Users basically press the Residence crucial to enter boot FounderABSProSystem management platform, pick the data save function, the C disk drag and drop files from the left list box to the proper list box of the other disk, you can comprehend the information copy, full the save function.

Addition to data safety solutions, systems integration Founder ABSPro rapid recovery method, method antivirus and many other helpful features, solve the most common every day use, the operation of the most challenging issues, and the operation is extremely easy and convenient. As a complete solution, Founder ABSPro program solves business issues users daily applications, such as system crashes, virus infestation, and so forth., to completely safeguard the Founder Yihe series business notebook Computer customers the comfort of operation.