Foundational Programs of the Paleontological Society


Paleontological researches are very important for people to know about their history and culture. To make a research, 1 need to have essential gear that is extremely costly and laboratory to make a research. Moreover, a paleontological study entails several people, so, the economic side of it is an urgent question for a lot of scientists. Fortunately, there are funding organizations that realize the value of the paleontology for science and give grants for paleontological researches. One particular of such organizations is the Paleontological Society.

The Paleontological Society is an international non-profit organization that has its aim at supporting the paleontology and scientific researches in this region. The society provides grants for paleontological researches. There are numerous varieties of grants. If you are a paleontology student and you would like to make a paleontological study, than you should know about these applications. Let us take into account them.

Paleontological student study grants. These grants are supplied for undergraduate and graduate students who are the current members of the paleontological society. The study could be in any field of paleontology. Students need to fill an online application form that contains a quick summary of the project to get a grant. Students ought to also offer a letter from the research supervisor.
The Sepkoski Grants. It is one of the grants of the international analysis system. These grants are provided for paleontologists from the Eastern Europe and republics of the former Soviet Union. Graduate students and young scientists can apply for these grants.
The W. Storrs Cole Memorial Investigation Award. This award is aimed to advance the researches in invertebrate micropaleontology. Only scientists amongst 30 and 65 years who have a number of publications on micropaleontology can apply for this award.
The Strimple Award. This award is offered to the amateurs in paleontology that contributed to the improvement of this science. It can be an outstanding publication, study or record.