Foshan To Build The Hardware Capital Of China Day-to-day


China National Hardware Association and the Guangdong Province, Nanhai District, Jinsha Town, Foshan City, build a “China Day-to-day Hardware Capital” project launch ceremony of February 19 was held in Nanhai Jinsha, Nanhai sounded the clarion get in touch with for the improvement of industrial upgrading hardware.


At the ceremony, the China National Hardware Association Zhang Li, Guangdong Province, Foshan Science and Technologies Division, as effectively as relevant government leaders, Nanhai District, deputy secretary, Mayor Li Yi Wei and other industries, and neighborhood leaders spoke. China National Hardware Association secretary-basic of the South China Sea Monk Blue Sands grant read, “China Every day Hardware Capital” of the relevant approval director Zhang Li, Jinsha Town, to the committee secretary Liang Shuang Thailand awarded the “China Everyday Hardware Capital” of the plaque China National Hardware Association and the Jinsha Town Adjust “, China Daily Hardware Capital” of the signing ceremony, Guangdong Hardware Technologies Innovation Center (Sands) and the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the signing ceremony of cooperation in the South China metal industry cum hardware origin international procurement talks Opening ribbon-cutting ceremony was also carried out on the launch.


Adjust “, China Day-to-day Hardware Capital” launch a series of activities by the China National Hardware Association, Foshan City, Financial and Trade Council, the People’s Government of Nanhai District, Foshan City, is co-sponsored People’s Government of Nanhai District, Jinsha Town, the contractor, Guangdong Hardware Technologies Innovation Center, the South China Sea District Hardware Sector Association. There are five major components, in addition to the morning at the launching ceremony, the China National Hardware Association in 2004 will be everyday-use hardware branch was held not too long ago in the South China Sea South China metal industry cum hardware Origin International Procurement Fair, South China Metal Business base foundation laying ceremony of the South China Sea Metal Business Improvement Technique Seminar series of activities, etc., also 29, 30, was held at the Sands.


Metal Origin International Procurement Fair is the highlight of the occasion, according to incomplete statistics, a total of 126 firms getting into exhibitors, of which 60 Jinsha town enterprises, 50 enterprises in the zone outside the town, the district outdoors the city’s enterprises 8 province four, outdoors the province four. Invited to participate in international procurement of origin Hardware Fair A lot more than 200 Chinese and foreign businessmen, including much more than 150 domestic clients and foreign businessmen much more than 50, like Wal-Mart, Japan’s Panasonic, Osram, the United States and other international properly-recognized retailers Thorn and brands.