Former Kelon Electrical Age: Gu Chujun The “wilderness Period”




Gu Chujun

The two peak instances in life, controversy and queries revolve about him

At the finish of 2001, the White Gu Chujun


Electrical and refrigeration appliance business of China’s new overlord just before he had two “flash” moments. The interval among the two years, 1st as a refrigerant technologies talent, and the second as a GEM


Business favorites.

Life in these two peak instances, controversy and concerns revolve about him.

1988, the Gu Chujun went to Beijing to commence. This year, he was in “power”


Published an post entitled “A new type of heat


Analysis “paper, which became the 1st starting point of his life. 1 theory, and later became the basis for Gu fluorine-free of charge refrigerants. He claims that environmental protection and energy saving refrigerant far more than 30%.

3 occasions in the Xinhua report, the Advisory Board of “Star refrigerant technology” poses rise. His theory of the media as “Gu cycle”, a time and thermodynamic theory of “Lorentz cycle” shoulder to shoulder. Gu Chujun subsequent establishment of the Chinese fall launched the Gu Jing 989 refrigerant, in 1990 launched the “new generation of ultra-low energy consumption of the well-off

Air conditioning

. “

Gu theoretical achievements, has not been the mainstream of the domestic refrigeration business


Scholars agree. September 1992, relevant departments of the State Science Commission was held in Beijing on the “Gu cycle” technologies demonstrated the feasibility of promoting


Most scholars believe that “Gu cycle” only “Lorentz cycle” of repeat, nothing new. National Refrigeration


Technology Committee told the Secretary-General Cao Desheng, “Gu cycle theory,” saying the early 20th century, the early 90s has been denied, Gu said that this theory has been “in secondary college textbooks”, it is non-existent. “Thermal academics only Lorentz theory, these components only in the universities are most likely to learn.”

Care of business knowledge, it is heavy rough. Considering that April 1991 to February 1994, at the State House

Electrical energy

For quality supervision and inspection center, the State Good quality Supervision and Testing Center of household electrical appliances, Guangdong Provincial Solution Top quality Supervision


Centre to conduct the sampling, the Chinese produced “off air” security overall performance and cooling performance, repeatedly failed to meet national standards, is judged to be “substandard items.” Gu a number of joint production of air conditioning and people’s efforts, the final also ended in negative terms.

In Gu Chujun domestic enterprise, while challenging, the good results of his organization overseas


Started to spread. Gu mentioned he went to Britain in 1991, pioneering the “strength” succeeded in persuading the British supermarket group, in its 600 supermarkets to use his transformation of the refrigerant

Central air conditioning

. He also stated that when traveling in Germany, Canada, the United States, Germany


Organization, Canada Douglas Group, AT &amp T eager to use its technological transformation refrigeration gear.

Lastly, in preparation for the Hong Kong GEM, Gu’s overseas expansion has been implemented on a set of industry share on the Gu refrigerant common formulation: “25% market share in Europe, North America 10% 50% of the Asian market place. ” From overseas Shahui home, care of quick-term goal is to “capture the market’s 99%.”

1994 year, Gu Chujun founder of cool refrigerant in Tianjin (China) Restricted, which is his country’s initial Greencool. Prior to that, he has been in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) registered a lot more than ten to Greencool (GreenCool) at the starting of the business name. Is this on, ahead of the “China” notion was abandoned, GU From gesture to show the boss Greencool group of people.

1998, the Advisory Board in Beijing, Shenzhen, set up two Greencool

Environmental Engineering

Co., Ltd. following year, again in Hainan, Hubei, Greencool Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd. was set up. The 4 are all Gu Chujun BVI private company wholly owned, not the production of refrigerant, but


And the installation of cool refrigerant replacement. All of these refrigerants from Tianjin Greencool.

The four Greencool, finally in 2000 was injected in the Cayman Islands-registered Greencool Technologies Holdings Limited, in July the same year listed in the Growth Enterprise Market place, financing 500 million Hong Kong dollars. Accounted for much more than Qi Cheng Gu shares of listed firms.

The second year, Greencool Technology Holdings issued a surprising report in 2000, displaying total earnings of 364 million yuan, is 3300 occasions 1998 earnings profits were up 2.69 billion, net interest rate of 70%! Greencool earnings in one fell swoop became the first company GEM.

“Finance” October five, 2001 report published in “Greencool Supremacy” to prove that the existence of profit manipulation Greencool main suspects. Securities and Futures Commission in Hong Kong was not involved in the investigation, Greencool rates collapse, and Gu Chujun strength did not hurt.

Greencool listed in Hong Kong is a true commence. Gu Chujun had the 1st genuine lever to complete huge projects and resources. He ought to return to the first decade of small gains of the domestic battlefield, leveraging the new grandiose Greencool kingdom far.

2001, he was Chinese and the Guangdong Kelon and sooner or later got it.

Gu Chujun the “wilderness period” is over.