Foreign Policy Challenges For the Obama Administration and Achievable Options


In Iraq the troubles is not safety but lack of democracy. And democracy is not about elections but about economically and politically independent middle class which is lacking in Iraq. We have corrupt government that supports corruption in politics and the economy and is broadly perceived by the United State and it is. Until that alterations no quantity of military involvement will make any distinction.

The only way to turn items about is if US projects in Iraq are open for competition like international. That will bring much more transparency and lead to better efficiency and effectiveness of US involvement in Iraqi economy, bring in willing Europeans, Chinese, Russians and possibly Indians, lead to Iraqi financial revival and in the end discredit militants.

The very same is valid for Pakistan and Afghanistan.. At present poor tribal villagers have no selection but to succumb to Taliban and Al-Quaeda bullying and grow opium for them for lack of other productive opportunities. For positive militants can be defeated only by armed force but that alone have established unsuccessful in the extended run. Depriving the armed groups of their economic and well-liked support is the important to defeating them. Military action will be the final not the main concern.

Europe is in quite precarious position and that has distinctive possibilities for development. Eastern Europe is in critical difficulty and Western Europe appears reluctant to support. The US can market its own agenda by means of financial aid which could be monetary but a lot more important intellectual in the sphere of management while utilizing local engineering talent. The identical applies to Russia. Pushing NATO agenda is a shed – lose predicament. For Eastern Europeans (Czechs for instance) the try to create a US missile base on their territory is just yet another attempt to bring foreign troops on Czech soil just when they got rid of the Russians. Other Eastern European nations will interpret it just the very same. Membership in the Russia led Warsaw pact was cemented with cheap Russian oil and gas. I doubt the US is prepared to spend for such questionable loyalty. But the Obama administration has the distinctive opportunity of forging an independent of Western Europe policy towards Eastern Europe primarily based on financial (not military) cooperation and win the loyalty of the folks of Eastern Europe who are tired of getting exploited as low-cost labor and environmental dump of Western Europe not to mention Russian bullying.

Putin’s Russia is at a crossroads. It will be unwise to antagonize them in these hard times, There are a lot of converging interests exactly where each nations can perform together for shared benefit. Let’s not forget that détente led to perestroika and ultimately to the dismantling of the oppressive Soviet Union and its technique of international domination even though a lot more than forty years of isolation did absolutely nothing to modify the regime in Cuba. There is no use lamenting the plight of Russian “businessmen’ bullied by their government as most of them are typical crooks owing their riches to the lawlessness of the Yeltsin era, on the other hand murdering journalists and letting the assassins walk free of charge is a crime against freedom of speech not to be condoned..

I believe it will be advantageous if the Obama administration leans a bit tougher on China not only on human rights but on North Korea too.

I know maintaining the criminal regime there in power is in the interests of these who favor US military presence in South Korea but its not sustainable in the lengthy run and eventually detrimental to US interests and the interests of the people in the area. So North Korea need to go and the signal must come from the White Residence.

Israel? The Israelis are among the most intelligent men and women in the globe. I am sure they just wait for the sign of exactly where the prevailing winds will blow. But the sign need to be consistent adequate I do not believe there is an simple answer. A federation of Jews and Arabs seems like a great idea but could be not possible to implement. In any case more than sixty years of realpolitik in the area did not lead to something good. It is time for innovative options taking into account not the interests and preferences of corrupt governments and shady terrorist organizations but the true globe interests of the folks in the region regardless of their religions, national or political affiliation..

The very same is valid for Latin Americans who have yet to see an United States administration treating them with respect as individuals regardless of the corrupt governments, corporate interests and mafias.

I think it is self evident that any American administration must conduct its foreign policy primarily based on the premise that we are all developed equal and endowed with particular inalienable rights.