Focus: Beijing Will Launch A 12 Million This Year, Energy Effective Lighting Products


Technological progress and development, light sector has also followed the improvement of continuous innovation, held from 1 am Beijing Science and Technology Awards Conference and the 2010 Beijing conference on science and technologies informed the National Stadium steel works won 149 scientific and technological achievements Beijing Science and Technologies Award this year to market effective lighting goods 12 million.

Gou Zhongwen Xuan, vice mayor of Beijing, read the “People’s Government of Beijing on the 2008 choice of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technologies Awards”, the Beijing Urban Construction Group Co., Ltd. and other units have completed the “National Stadium Building Steel Structure Essential Technology Investigation and Application” 15 scientific and technological achievements such as access to the 1st prize of Beijing Science and Technologies Award Academy of Agricultural Atmosphere and Sustainable Development Institute and other units together to complete the “Urban horticulture cultivation model of innovation and supporting equipment,” and get 30 Beijing Science and Technologies Achievements Municipal Science and Technologies Award second prize Beijing Forestry University and other units collectively to total the “Protection of Biodiversity in Beijing” and 104 scientific and technological achievements won third prize of Beijing Science and Technologies Award.

According to Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Commission Yan Ao-introduced this year, a single of the significant scientific and technological work is the essential to resolve livelihood troubles, such as food security and agricultural technology, will support research and development of food security testing equipment and fast detection of agents of agricultural solution top quality investigation and improvement and industrialization to market dairy products, fruit and vegetable processing, security inputs, clothes and textile processing industry of agricultural products in new energy and power-saving environmental protection, demonstration projects to market new energy cars will be acquiring 1,000 electric cars and 200 new sanitation Power Bus vehicles, promotion of effective lighting merchandise 12 million in health and well being, comprehensively market the “danger of disease, the capital of ten scientific and technological investigation and management program” to study the hepatitis, tuberculosis, clinical diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular and diabetes, technical specifications and requirements in urban building and management, urban building will be carried out public transport, site visitors and other huge cities in a new generation of wise crucial technologies study and development applications will be carried out underground pipelines and underground caves and Integrated Exploration and research of underground pipelines and empty actual-time monitoring and comprehensive early warning, to carry out higher-rise building fire rescue command program of complete, investigation-specific gear for higher-rise constructing fires gives an effective means of rescue.

It is understood that Beijing will further increase of the input technology business, plans from 2010 to 2014 a total of 5 years less than one hundred billion yuan of funds arrangements, focused on supporting a number of major scientific achievements of the project strive for scientific research open sharing of gear total of one hundred billion yuan, 5,000 technology firms enjoy the R &amp D experimental service, service income of 500 million yuan, technologies tends to make the development and progress.