Flight Tracking Software program hoax, exposing sky matrix technology

Flight Tracking Computer software hoax, exposing sky matrix technologies

Flight Tracking Software program hoax, exposing sky matrix technologies. We appear up and see chemtrails almost daily and we are told they are planes traveling genuinely higher 30,000ft to 40,000ft. But what if I told you that the sky is getting used as a holographic Television and the flight program application internet sites are element of fallen angel technology.

I know pretty bold assertion on my portion but if you study the chemtrail planes compared to the real planes and them combine this information with the flight tracking computer software you come up with some pretty remarkable final results.

The greatest tip off for me was all the comments becoming left on my chemtrail videos exactly where saying issues like “go to flight tracker .com and see for yourself they are actual” or download the cell phone app and see them genuine time” I received like a couple thousand of these comments. You got to ask oneself why?

It really is because they are hoaxing the sky through some type of technologies. I contact it the “Sky Matrix” technology given by the fallen angels to mankind for covering up creation.

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