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tags CTP prepress technology is a turning point. In the printing has played a pivotal point, CTP technologies are developing quickly, in the commercial, newspaper, packaging and printing fields has been applied. These days, flexographic CTP has been applied to packaging, wallpaper, beverage boxes and other regions of the printing of various sizes, although the high quality is broadly recognized.

Print Network HC CTP is a turning point in prepress technology. In the printing played a pivotal point, CTP technologies has created rapidly in the business, the press, Packaging Printing Fields have been applied. These days, flexo CTP has been used for packing, wallpaper, drink boxes and other regions of the printing of different sizes, even though top quality is extensively recognized.

Versatile printing is a single of the most typical printing, classic printing because distinct traits. As the reasonably new printing sector, versatile printing in current years has been created inside the improvement. Flexographic printing makes use of a water-based ink Environmental protection Of printing, gravure printing, as there will be many like pollution. Comparison of relatively low price of flexo, print volume is massive for a single sheet of paper of various components, roll feed printing, package printing and the most suitable for a assortment of Label And large location substrates.

1, versatile printing features With classic offset printing, gravure and letterpress compared to flexographic printing has the following qualities:

1. Production efficiency. Flexo printing roll material is employed not only to achieve double-sided printing printing components, but also in a position to full the joint line of light, hot stamping, die cutting and exclusive waste, rolling, etc.

two. A broader variety of printing components such as paper, Plastic Film, foil, adhesive paper, and so forth.

3. Print high quality, printing, offset printing accuracy can be lines, specifically suitable for packaging and printing specifications

4. Employing the new water-based ink and solvent ink, printing complete compliance with environmental protection needs can be met Food Packaging specifications

5. Shorten the production cycle, saving components and labor, lessen production price and boost efficiency.
Two traditional flexo procedure Personal computer documentation Digital proofing Or blue print pattern According Fingerprint, adjust the acceptable compensation for network expansion curve Imagesetter Output Yin Tu Feilin plate on the back of the traditional plate to plate exposure good vacuum seal with the film following the film surface following the primary exposure get rid of the film version of the plate into the washing machine, wash version of solution drying plate and UVA, UVC and so on have been examined post-treatment size and modify the edge of the completion of the conventional production of flexible plates.

three, CTP flexo plate making method
Personal computer or digital proofing documents pattern blue plate on the back of the digital plate exposure a digital flexo CTP plates in a optimistic light into the principal version of the standard washing machine, wash with a answer of baking plate Edition dry and UVA, UVC and so on to full post-processing verify the digital production of flexible printed version.

four, flexo technologies Interpretation In the method flexo proofing and typically there are some Traditional plate Diverse terms, we make the following explanation.

Plates reduce: According to Yin map image size, select the proper page size
Back plate exposure: the formation of substrate thickness and depth to meet the requirement to guarantee that relief. Activation plate, saving the principal exposure time

Positive exposure: initial tear plate surface protective film, the Unfavorable film the membrane surface and the plate tightly to the photoreceptor membrane, covered the vacuum film forming unfavorable pressure, then operate on the plates were exposed to photosensitive material to light element of the cross-linked hardened to decide the size of graphic slope and outlets

Imaging: use of PCE or environmental resolution to dissolve unexposed area of the photosensitive material to kind the relief