Flat-panel Television Or To Show Up The Seventh Installment Of Power-efficiency Labeling List –

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Energy efficiency standards and other associated departments have been reported to the commission for approval, the relevant implementation measures are also discussed.

Zhang Shaojun, assistant director of China Institute of Standardization and Technologies to Tencent clear, flat-panel Television will not appear in Sixth list of energy-efficiency labeling products, is contemplating its inclusion in the seventh installment of the list of power-efficiency labeling products.

Learned that the seventh installment of the list of merchandise are determined power efficiency standards for merchandise, including flat panel Television,

Microwave ovens

, Fax machines and printers. Zhang Shaojun said that at present only contemplate flat-panel Television included in the seventh power-efficiency labeling list of items, but certain plans have not particularly place, all perform need to wait till the flat-panel Tv power efficiency standards can only commence after formal approval.

First half of the flat-panel Tv posted an power efficiency labeling rumor is broken

Had a lot of news by the end of 2009 flat-panel Television power efficiency requirements promulgated or implemented on March 1 this year, there are news in June 2010 will be all flat panel TVs affixed to energy-efficiency labeling. The Chinese Institute of Standardization Research Associate Wangruo Hong mentioned in June this year, not affixed to the flat-panel Television power efficiency labeling for the simple reason?? Power efficiency requirements have been not disclosed, even in March announced that there will be a transition period and formulate implementation measures in time.

Zhang Shaojun also stated to begin from the regular-setting efficiency label affixed to demand about 3 months, 3 months, will leave about a year or six months grace period to do business, to address not posted energy-efficiency labeling of goods. Flat-panel Tv is now on the power efficiency of all operate identified in the introduction of efficiency standards, specific time require to see the commission’s approval method and other relevant units and speed.

Also have the business to Artesyn Technologies revealed: “Even the flat-panel Television applications for energy-efficiency labeling and requirements for power efficiency applications simultaneously, the initial half of this year can not be affixed to power-efficiency labeling, due to the fact the improvement of implementation measures and the specific specifics of the function of at least require three months, with item transition at least until the end. “In accordance with previous practice, most most likely on March 1 next year to implement, the industry predicted.

Energy-efficiency labeling or posted outside the box

To Artesyn Technologies, according to informed sources revealed that the existing power efficiency standards for flat panel TVs are in accordance with the standards of the improved pc monitor worked out, so the approach is probably to implement and monitor the implementation approach is comparable.

It is understood that the power efficiency label show is affixed to the outside packaging is also possible to recognize the power efficiency of flat-panel TVs will be posted outdoors the box. As power-efficiency labeling will continue to use the Vertical version of the design, so thin frame made of flat panel TVs affixed to adopt a particular strategy to identity.

Zhang Shaojun that might be posted as necessary outdoors the box, but the store in the flat-panel Tv exhibits need to have to be power-efficiency labeling affixed to the front of the border on the flat panel Television, has reached the explicit role of the customer.

Sixth power-efficiency labeling products not too long ago baked flat screen Tv is not in the column

Insiders predicted that the usual rules, generally in October to November by a group of state power efficiency requirements will apply, until March 1 next year go into effect the operate of identification affixed to energy efficiency. Nevertheless, according to Wang Ruohong said sixth efficiency could determine items or introduced earlier, and with the finish of the implementation of efficiency label affixed to the operate.

Also identified as the sixth product analysis published or announced in advance, so the common flat-panel Television will not introduce energy efficiency labeling missed the sixth list of goods. Many firms wait for energy-saving flat-panel Tv


New policies, but ultimately is rooted in a particular time standards promulgated.