Five sorts of food for skin care


Wholesome skin can not do with no excellent nutrition. United States, “Prevention” Magazine lately published “skin meals finals Category 5” list.

Vegetables: champion, lengthy leaf lettuce runner-up, tomatoes. six lettuce leaves 1 day can provide the required vitamin A.Vitamin A can market cell metabolism, advantageous skin. In addition lettuce of potassium can market circulation, Nutrition and Oxygen skin for much more.Study located that for 3 months to consume five tablespoons a day of lycopene-rich tomato paste, 25% reduced risk of skin sunburn.

In addition, to safeguard the skin collagen, so effortlessly peeled off. German study also identified that lycopene may help lessen wrinkles. Fruit: Champion, strawberry runner-up, Apple. 1 cup of strawberries includes vitamin C is the day-to-day intake of 130%. Vitamin C can promote the formation of collagen fibers, generating skin smooth and elastic, the more vitamin C, less wrinkles. On the contrary, it will lead to dry skin a lot more wrinkles. Antioxidants from apple quercetin protects skin from ultraviolet (UVB) damage, and thus prevent the occurrence of skin cancer. Specialists suggest that in addition to wiping out the front of sunscreen is very best to consume apples.

Protein: Champion, soybean runner-up, eggs. A new study identified that 34-year-old girls for 12 weeks each day to eat three ounces tempeh (soy isoflavone-wealthy “glucoside ligand”), will support enhance wrinkles and skin troubles. Authorities say the most helpful soy protein to shield the skin, it must consume far more beans and soy merchandise. A study of females-focused have found that is rich in antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin in the egg can damage the body’s capacity to enhance UV resistance four times. Eating eggs can make the skin soft and flexible, and better water retention.

Nuts: Champion, almond runner-up, walnut. Consume a handful of almonds a day can enhance the level of vitamin E, vitamin E to preserve skin healthful is one of the most critical antioxidants, can nourish the skin and stop dry.

Walnuts are wealthy in ? linolenic acid (Omega 3 fatty acids a), on moist skin and maintain its flexibility to play a crucial function. Fats: Champion, cocoa runner-up, Virgin Olive Oil. Cocoa fat from the skin the most beneficial.

Study located that 12 weeks drank half a glass of wealthy flavonoid mixture of cocoa drinks (such as chocolate), make the skin soft and smooth moisture. Additional virgin olive oil consists of essential fatty acids support to prevent sun damage skin. Vital fatty acids is an essential element of cell membranes, aid to retain water. The human body can not make crucial fatty acids, so everyday intake of 1 tablespoon olive oil, make the skin softer.