Fitting Technologies Into a Unit Plan


Like a lot of teachers these digital days, you most likely attempt difficult to integrate technologies in your classroom. But at times, when you happen to be contemplating a unit, you might wonder where and how to best match the technologies in. Do you have to just rely on the old-fashioned video vaguely connected to the subject someplace at the end of the unit as a sort of reward for obtaining through all the tough work and congratulate oneself on managing to integrate technology in your classroom? Well, not really.

If you want to integrate technology in your classroom, you have to contemplate all 5 stages of a unit. Each aspect permits technologies to be integrated, but it’s not the identical sort of technology at every single step.

Stage One particular: Initial Interest

In this initial stage, a teacher must introduce the topic to be studied to the class. The teacher’s purpose at this stage is to locate out what students know already – if you’re researching Ancient Greece and one of your students has an archaeologist as a parent and has had two trips to Knossos in the last five years, it pays to know this! – and to creating interest in the subject. From this initial session or sessions, the teacher can assist students create questions to answer in the course of analysis.

Technology to use at this stage: Mind-mapping and brainstorming application can be utilised to generate and organize what is already known, and to highlight links between ideas inside the subject. Even though brainstorms are frequently accomplished on paper, software packages produce a more eye-catching package. If you want to integrate technologies in your classroom by employing one particular of these applications, Inspiration is by far the greatest. Videoclips – short ones can also be employed at this stage to awake interest and to launch the topic.

Stage Two: Analysis

After you have defined your questions to be researched (or your students have), then it is time to research these subjects. This is the easiest area to integrate technologies in your classroom in.

Clearly, the world wide web is the most important technological application here. Your activity will be to teach the students the most effective use of search engines, and how to sort good sources of information from bad. Nonetheless, most teachers locate it a challenge to make students move on from just utilizing net pages. Other alternatives include on the web video clips (e.g. YouTube) and emailing researchers in the region of study. Don’t be shy about this final option. If you were a researcher, wouldn’t you be flattered if a grade college student regarded as you an specialist on the topic? Also think about employing ordinary videos, films and Television applications.

Stage 3: Formatting

This is where students begin organizing what they’ve learned into a coherent complete. This “rough notes” stage of the method was traditionally done with pen and paper (and nevertheless is, even professionally) but you can integrate technology in your classroom here, as well.

Graphic organizer (e.g. Inspiration) and word processors.

Stage Four: Fine-tuning

Here, your students organize their function into a final presentation. Here, you need to think beyond just the posters and papers of the past – you can integrate technologies in your classroom in how your students present their operate.

Word processors and publishing application are clear options at this stage. PowerPoint presentations are other choices. Students can also make use of image manipulators such as PhotoShop or Corel Draw to generate pictures to accompany their project. Remember to teach them about spellcheckers – and that spellcheckers aren’t one hundred% precise.

Stage 5: Grand finale

At this stage, students present their function, either to the class – or the complete planet.

If you are severe about obtaining technical, then how about getting your students to upload their projects on-line, either with the use of a webcam and uploading to YouTube, or by creating a webpage displaying what they’ve learned. You will, of course, have to teach the connected expertise here, such as html and film editing.

All technologies has its benefits and its disadvantages when utilized in the classroom, and it’s straightforward to get it incorrect when you happen to be beginning. If you want to steer clear of “The 7 Largest Errors Teachers Make Employing Video in the Classroom” and commence experiencing the advantages of employing video efficiently in your classroom, your subsequent step is to download a free of charge copy of “Greatest Blunders Teachers Make” appropriate now.