First-aid kit of the traveler: did you take everything?

First-aid kit of the traveler: did you take everything?

First-aid kit of the traveler: did you take everything?

The calendar with strikethrough days recalls the long-awaited vacation and travel. In anticipation of new discoveries, do not forget about your health! Carefully refer to the collection of first-aid kit. In addition to sunscreen, plaster, pain relievers, antipyretic agents, diarrhea remedies, it is advisable to take a laxative as a vacation, since locks on trips are not uncommon. With a sharp change in the situation, the body experiences stress, and as a result, the intestine stops working correctly.

Why is this happening?

  • With a long road or changing time zones, the biological rhythms of the organism change;
  • the intestines are “lazy” with a decrease in physical activity in a long journey;
  • there are changes in diet: on the road, snacks with fast food and half-finished products do not allow the intestines to work properly. In the resort, however, new exotic products and their unusual combinations appear in the traveler’s diet;
  • often a person can not afford to simply psychologically relax and let the intestines do their work.

What constitutes constipation?

Constipation can spoil not only the mood and vacation. Bloating and heaviness in the abdomen bring discomfort, but more dangerous is the intoxication of the body – self-poisoning by products that should be eliminated naturally. As a result, complications may occur: allergic reactions, decreased immunity, fatigue, depressed mood. The longer you do not go to the toilet, the more the body will be poisoned.

What should I do to keep the “chair” regular even on trips?

In traveling, we do not always want to adhere to the principles of healthy eating. We consume insufficient quantity of products with food fibers (whole grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables), we drink a lot of coffee, tea, carbonated drinks and alcohol.

To cope with the delay of the stool, you need to drink more water (about two liters a day), and you can also use a mild laxative. However, you only need to take it if you have emptied the intestines less than three times a week. When choosing a laxative, you should pay close attention to its composition. It is necessary to give preference to preparations based on natural ingredients.

Chewable tablets Fitolaks Evalar is a fruit-based preparation. Loosening herbs and fruits complement and strengthen each other’s action, providing natural help to the intestines.

Why choose Phytolax ?

  • Natural components;
  • Affordable price;
  • Convenience for use in any situation, including travel – chewing tablets do not require washing;
  • Predictability of action – the components of a laxative remedy operate after 6-8 hours of admission;
  • Suitable for solving problems of constipation in adults and children older than 14 years;
  • Produced in accordance with the quality standard GMP * .

Phytolax is convenient to take with you in the form of tea in filter bags, liquid concentrate on plum juice, a bar with dietary fiber. Choose for yourself a convenient form of a relaxing remedy!

Our mood for the most part depends on well-being. The traveler’s first aid kit is an assistant that will preserve and maintain your health and comfort. 

* GMP Certificate No. 0170889-03, NSF International ( USA )



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