Feng Shui Elephant Direction – Existing Luck Versus Future Luck


Feng Shui Elephant Path

A single of the magical aspects to Feng shui is that treatments applied to flawed region of a residence of enterprise can usually yield a fairly quick response or improvement. There are loads of stories, and even my own case research, exactly where consumers may possibly knowledge some thing extraordinary inside a days soon after producing a suggested modify. And that adjust may well be as basic as adding a water fountain to the proper place of their property, or putting a huge red colored object in the specified region that requirements the fire element. Feng Shui Elephant Direction

But there is also a idea in Feng shui that bargains with future luck. It is about garnering power that is on its way but has not but arrived. It can be about securing anything in the near future, such as a movie deal or a future inheritance.

In each and every significant time cycle that we reside in, there is a path related with that time cycle and then the subsequent major time cycle can be tinkered with as nicely. For instance, the present time we live in (2004-2023) is known as Period eight. Period 8 is ruled by the direction of northeast. So we can say that the direction of northeast has really sturdy chi. If an individual had been to build a property that was backed up to the path of northeast, then the home would have an aspect to it that is particularly supportive for the occupants’ wellness and nicely-becoming in the time frame we are in now. If a home is built facing northeast proper now, then it will be specifically supportive for cash luck. This is since the face of the house is often linked with career and the back of the property is typically connected to well being (the spine of the property.)

All through the history of Feng shui, there have been Chinese folk remedies that try to harness the future luck. The future luck right now (searching at Period 9 from 2024-2043) is connected with the direction of south. A fellow Feng shui pal of mine came to pay a visit to my own property recently and she noted the empty field across from my home to the northwest. She just smiled and stated, “Oh that is great that the NW is open, it’s the future money luck.” Feng Shui Elephant Path

This is why one particular common folk remedy is to position a statue of an elephant (trunk upwards) toward the path of south. I personally do not rely on this remedy simply because I believe there are as well numerous other attempted and correct classical Feng shui remedies that work for prosperity, but I know exactly where the theory comes from. The trunk-up elephant, even in East-Indian folklore is Ganesha, god of wealth. The trunk upwards can suck in the wealth better than the trunk-down elephant. Then, if the elephant is positioned on a table, facing a south window, the spirit energies can grab the future income luck and draw it into the residence.

Do you think that spirits can inhabit a statue? I am not confident if I do, but millions of men and women on this planet certain do. Feel about what takes place to a whole town when a person reports a tear coming down on the face of a statue of the Virgin Mary!

Can this be carried out with the existing Funds Luck path? Certain. If northeast is the existing strong or “wang” direction, then facing your elephant toward a window that opens up to the northeast path (24-60 degrees on a compass), then the elephant can draw in the existing income luck. Give it a try! And report back to me what occurs! Feng Shui Elephant Path